Hacking SEO: Simplest Changes, Maximum Impact

Everyone needs to do SEO but some may only have minimal resources to work with. Good news! You don’t need a big team to have good SEO. Take if from someone who’s done SEO for companies from the startup stage to Enterprise. I’ll share strategies that can help you improve how you run an SEO & Marketing campaigns. In this presentation, I’ll cover the following 4 main areas of:

  • Team Management
  • Surround Sound SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • SEO Toolbox
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The AI Writing Scare of 2019 & What it Means for Content

In late July, Chase Bank announced it was shifting its marketing strategy to AI. The digital marketing community is a mix of excited and terrified about this – I think it’s a good thing for writers, content and SEO. This will make it easier for writers to use data, and let them focus more on other aspects of content creation.