The AI Writing Scare of 2019 & What it Means for Content

In late July, Chase Bank announced it was shifting its marketing strategy to AI. The digital marketing community is a mix of excited and terrified about this – I think it’s a good thing for writers, content and SEO. This will make it easier for writers to use data, and let them focus more on other aspects of content creation.

Common Myths About SEO

SEO is not fast, it’s not cheap, and yes, you should really hire an expert to give your online busines for the best chance of success. In this post, I take a close look at six common myths about SEO, and separate fact from fiction to help companies invest in a good search strategy.

Why Content is My Favorite SEO Hack

Content is King, but lots of companies ignore the king. Don’t be like them! Investing in great content can empower your long-term SEO strategy. It lets you build trust with potential customers so they are poised to buy from you when ready.