9 BS Facts About SEO Everyone Thinks Are True in 2018

With over two decades of Search Engine Optimization existence, we should have figured out what is the truth and which is not. However, there’s still a lot of back and forth on what is indeed the facts about SEO. Being an evolving industry, nothing is ever constant in terms of information. Just consider the old information you have inaccurate, this is generating loads of misconception about the facts. Interestingly, anyone can just wake up and tag themselves as SEO experts on their blog. That’s why there are many lies that have been turned into fact flying all over the internet. Let’s dig deeper into these bullshit facts and pull them apart; Continue reading “9 BS Facts About SEO Everyone Thinks Are True in 2018”

Leaving We-Roam, Atlanta Speaking Gig, Mokrin House

I’ve been traveling with groups for a while now and felt like I needed a break. Being on a travel program and having someone take care of all the logistics is excellent but it gets expensive because I also travel for conferences, volunteering, and work.

Most of the time would need to fork out additional expenses for flights and accommodations. It just didn’t make sense financially anymore. Travelling with We Roam was excellent but I needed to be more flexible, so I can pursue new opportunities while also being mindful financially. Continue reading “Leaving We-Roam, Atlanta Speaking Gig, Mokrin House”

We Roam Review – Polaris 2017

This is an ongoing review of the We Roam (Polaris 2017) work travel program. Last updated 01 October 2017.

Earlier this year, I joined the We Roam work travel program. The program is catered specifically for people that have remote jobs or freelancers. They take care of all the accommodations, coworking space and all the logistics of moving to different cities each month.

I could’ve traveled independently but decided to join the We Roam work travel program for the community and professional development they offer. Our group consists of around 30-40 people. This number fluctuates as people may pause or come and go each month.

As this is an ongoing review, some of the details will only be published once I leave the program. In the meantime, this is what I have so far:

Continue reading “We Roam Review – Polaris 2017”