Traveling the World as a Minimalist

We all want to travel more. Yet, most people never achieve their travel goals. The most common excuse is that travel is too expensive and complicated. But, if you approach travel as a minimalist you will not only find that it is more affordable but also you will get more joy out of your experiences.

Traveling the world as a minimalist is not about having less. It is about living more. You have more freedom and more peace of mind. Here are some of the biggest advantages to traveling the world as a minimalist. Continue reading “Traveling the World as a Minimalist”

Why You Should Drop Everything And Travel The World

There is an old saying about the world being your oyster and it refers to the idea that you are open to doing whatever you like. While many people say that they believe in the adage, the reality is that many people do not use this to decide their path in life. If you are at a standstill in life and you are looking for a way to shake things up, you should throw caution to the wind, get out there and start exploring all the world has to offer. Continue reading “Why You Should Drop Everything And Travel The World”