Cookie Consent: Tracking everyone except Europe

Digital marketers rely on analytics & tracking data. To satisfy the EU privacy laws and also continue tracking non-EU traffic, I’ve created a free and simple solution to continue tracking the rest of the world, except for European traffic.

Remote Work Tips Part I: Essential Apps

After more than two years working remotely, I’ve come up with a list of apps that can really improve your efficiency as a remote worker. Tools like Slack, Trello and RescueTime have been game changers for the remote workforce, and I dive a little deeper into my favorite features of each.

The AI Writing Scare of 2019 & What it Means for Content

In late July, Chase Bank announced it was shifting its marketing strategy to AI. The digital marketing community is a mix of excited and terrified about this – I think it’s a good thing for writers, content and SEO. This will make it easier for writers to use data, and let them focus more on other aspects of content creation.

Understanding the Variables that Impact Your SEO Strategy

There are six categories of variables in SEO that you should be paying attention to, whether you’re creating a new SEO strategy or analyzing an existing one. When you have a deep understanding of the variables that impact SEO, you can tweak and manipulate all these factors to meet business goals.