Traveling the World with a Backpack – Minimalist Packing

My first big travel was last year with Contiki. I had one backpack and one luggage bag. It was for a 2-week trip to Western Europe. I brought clothes for only about a week hoping that I would be able to do laundry. Unfortunately, we were hoping to different cities each day. It was near impossible to have laundry done. The only time we could do laundry was when we had a 2-day stopover in Rome. I hated bringing 2 bags all over and wished there was a way I could travel lighter. Continue reading Traveling the World with a Backpack – Minimalist Packing

Volunteering at TEDxBerlinSalon “Democracy” 2017

Trying out a new blog post format (inspired by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad) with numbered lists.


  1. I already bought the ticket 2 weeks before the event for EUR 41.30. After getting the tickets from Eventbrite, naturally, I followed their Twitter & Facebook Pages.
  2. A few days later I saw this post on Facebook where they were looking for more volunteers.
  3. On the application form, they asked “Why” and mentioned about I’ve always loved volunteering and since I’m traveling the world and happen to be in Berlin, I’d like to help out and meet with other volunteers and professionals. Continue reading Volunteering at TEDxBerlinSalon “Democracy” 2017

My AMA with Online Geniuses

The AMA was held by Online Geniuses on Dec 14th, 2016. This transcript has been edited for punctuation, grammar, etc.

Side Note: The AMA was arranged a few months before I left Monster on Nov 2nd, 2016. I joined Zapier on Nov 14th, 2016.
  1. What was the biggest challenge you overcame at such a big company (

    The biggest challenge is going through all the various levels of approvals to get things done, even simple things.

  2. What’s the biggest mistake you see people starting out making with the technical SEO efforts?

    Blindly implementing something without first thinking whether this actually applies to their use-case or why it’s actually needed.

  3. Continue reading My AMA with Online Geniuses

Hacker Paradise Review – Lima 2017

After I joined the remote workforce at Zapier, I now have the means necessary to travel the world. So I started looking for remote travel programs. I that would allow me to work and travel at the same time. Yes, I could’ve traveled on my own and it’ll be a heck of a lot cheaper. But I wanted someone else to take care of housing and co-working space. This way, I can focus on work and have fun traveling and be with a community of like-minded people.
Continue reading Hacker Paradise Review – Lima 2017

A Brief Moment of Solitude at Restaurace Eska

June 10 – The Kutna Hora day trip really drained me. After a short nap, I was feeling hungry and headed to a nearby restaurant, Eska. It was a short 10 min walk from my place. Arrived there at ~9.45 pm, got a seat and ordered the 8-course tasting menu.

Then to my surprise, as I was enjoying my 3rd course, a big group of Roamers showed up. I’m glad I had my own separate table as with a big group, it’s very difficult to have individual orders. Continue reading A Brief Moment of Solitude at Restaurace Eska

Kutna Hora Excursion

June 10 – Today We-Roam had a Kutna Hora day trip planned and we were to meet at 10 am nearby Intercontinental Hotel. After the potluck dinner last night, stayed up late to finish up some work till maybe ~7 am. I went to bed without setting an alarm and thought that if I woke up, then I’ll go, if not then so be it. I woke up around ~8 am, packed my day pack, got ready and walked to the bus stop. A few roamers made just in time for the 9.31am bus. Continue reading Kutna Hora Excursion

Change Back to Original Posted Date (Old Post Promoter)

If you used the Old Post Promoter WordPress plugin, here are the SQL DB queries to revert/rollback the date changes:

UPDATE wp_posts, wp_postmeta
SET wp_posts.post_date_gmt = wp_postmeta.meta_value
WHERE wp_posts.ID = wp_postmeta.post_id and
wp_postmeta.meta_key = ‘bte_opp_original_pub_date’;

UPDATE wp_posts, wp_postmeta
SET wp_posts.post_date = wp_postmeta.meta_value
WHERE wp_posts.ID = wp_postmeta.post_id and
wp_postmeta.meta_key = ‘bte_opp_original_pub_date’;

You need to run both queries.

Tested on WP 4.6 and Old Post Promoter (by BTE) 1.9.3

How to Watch Out for Online Scams

Online scams have been around for as long as the internet itself, which is perhaps not surprising as fraud, theft and deception will always follow the crowds; indeed, as the internet`s popularity continues to grow, so too will the prevalence of online scams. In the early days of the internet, many surfers were unaware of the dangers posed by internet scams, which were often relatively unsophisticated. Although a number of the earliest internet scams aimed to exploit various security flaws in operating systems, dial-up connections and software in order to target the credit card details of online users, the majority of scams were less technologically advanced and employed more simple techniques to deprive people of their money; for example, through bogus charity websites. Today, internet scams have increased enormously in number and sophistication, so the ever-expanding online community ought to be aware of the most common types around today. Continue reading How to Watch Out for Online Scams

A Practical Guide to Blogging

Social media networking is something of an umbrella description which covers the effective use of a new breed of interactive sites such as MySpace, Twitter and Facebook, together with media streaming sites such as Flickr and YouTube, all of which allow users to share media such as videos and photos with their friends. These are some of the better known social media sites but there are countless other blogs and forums, all of which broadly fall into the category and many of which may have audiences that precisely match the demographic target for your business. The effective use of Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is a complex discipline; here we will focus on blogging which forms a key [art of many SMO activities.
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