Hacking SEO: Simplest Changes, Maximum Impact

Hacking SEO: Simplest Changes, Maximum Impact

Everyone needs to do SEO but some may only have minimal resources to work with. Good news! You don’t need a big team to have good SEO. Take if from someone who’s done SMB & Enterprise SEO. I’ll share strategies your existing team can adopt right now with minimal changes while still achieving maximum growth.

Presenter notes from my deck at the Growth Marketing Conference Atlanta 2017. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly. If you attended my talk, I’d appreciate 2 minutes of your time to leave some feedback (100% anonymous).l

What To Expect

  • Become more social to help your SEO
  • Building relationships to expand your reach
  • Setting the right expectation and making people happy

A Little About Me

  • Born and raised in KL, Malaysia
  • Started doing SEO after reading an SEO Book by Aaron Wall
  • Working for Zapier remotely and been traveling ever since

Why SEO?

  • More Traffic
  • More Money
  • More Websites

Hack 1: Be Social

  • SMM & SEO strengthen each other
  • Organic & Inbound
  • High-Quality Content

Grow Your Followers

  • Followers and connections do in fact influence your rankings
  • Because more followers, more engagement
  • Quality of followers is also important.
  • Build followers organically
  • Slow process but effective if consistent

Attract Links

  • Encourage other sites to link to your content
  • Diversify your link to gain authority
  • Need to have content that is worth sharing
  • Social media is a broadcast channel
  • Content is bait

Encourage Sharing

  • Social sharing stats contribute to brand authority and is a ranking factor
  • 1000 shares are better than 10.
  • Shares, Replies, Likes, Retweets, and Favorites all count towards better authority.
  • More people share content, more followers you have. It’s a perpetual cycle.

Brand Recognition

  • Everything on social leads to brand awareness
  • Better brand recognition, naturally engagement and content syndication will happen
  • This then leads to more branded search on Google

Build a Community

  • Community discussions and engagement are key
  • It encourages existing followers to engage further and help improve your business
  • Reference content in existing discussions
  • Be the authoritative leader and get more links


  • Twitter: Easiest way for anyone to participate in conversations
  • Quora: The place for Q&A
  • Reddit: Use it for user research
  • LinkedIn: Exclusive focus groups

All Hands Support

  • Have everyone chip in.
  • Utilize existing customer support
  • Monitor mentions with Zapier or set-up Google Alerts
  • See recurring questions? Address them to your site!

Hack 2: Build Relationships

  • The end-goal here is to get links
  • But don’t start with that
  • Connect with people and find out if the relationship makes sense and benefits all parties

Guest Posting

  • Not the typical pay to publish
  • Find bloggers or publications that have written about you
  • Guest post on blogs you really care about
  • Write the very best content for them but let them have the final editorial power
  • It should be an honor to publish on their site


  • Find editors within your industry
  • Relationships with editors that you would actually get along with in real life.
  • Think “friend” rather than “colleague”.

Be Genuine

  • Trust takes time to build
  • Relationship building seems vague because there so many ways to do it
  • Find a common ground
  • Do your research and add a personal touch instead of spamming thousands of contact forms
  • Meeting face to face can make a difference

Hack 3: Make People Happy

  • Satisfying the users
  • Set expectations and deliver

Title & Meta Description

  • Make sure you have a good title & meta description
  • SERP is the first point of entry
  • Set the right expectations
  • Yes, you can rank well for keywords but are they actually converting?
  • Focus on satisfying the user intent, maximize conversions

Image Alt & File Name

  • This might be a small thing for most sites unless you rely heavily on traffic from image search
  • Alt tag and filename gives search engines context to your site so they can rank you for the right keywords

Content Refresh

  • Review old content and update it
  • Have your editorial team spend time to just focus on refreshing all the old content
  • Find ways to make content evergreen
  • Do a quarterly or yearly reminder to review content

150% Increase

  • Zapier spent about 1 month to focus solely on updating content
  • On average we saw an average 150% increased traffic
  • It doesn’t have to be a full content refresh, it can be 1 or 2 paragraphs
  • The key here is to make sure the content is current and useful


  • Being Social, Building Relationships and Making People Happy
  • Common theme is we’re dealing with People
  • Yes there are other technical SEO things that you should consider

People Matter

  • Everything begins with a quality experience
  • Feel heard; listen to what they want
  • Be Included; feel closer to your product
  • Be Helpful; spread good news/content
  • Satisfying the users
  • Focus on the audience, the people, and you will succeed
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