My New Job at PieSync & What I’m Looking Forward to Most

In June I joined the team at PieSync as Head of SEO. In this post I’m outlining the things I’m looking forward to most, including managing my own team, overseeing our marketing budget and introducing big changes around radical transparency.

Predicting the Future of Remote Work

As the global economy grows and changes, I predict we will see more companies hiring a remote work force. What will that look like specifically? Here I’ve outlined my predictions for the expansion of remote work, and how hiring remote workers can be a serious benefit to companies.

When CRO and SEO Collide – What do you do?

Is your site optimized for search, or for conversion? Is it possible to do both? I believe that yes, you can create a marketing strategy that leverages the short-term gains of CRO and the long-term benefits of SEO. This post covers the value of balancing both strategies.

Uber Has Gone Public, When Will Its Tech Go Global?

As an international traveler, I love using Uber and hate using taxis. They are slow, inconsistent and the pricing often varies wildly. Taxis need to embrace ride-sharing technology if they want to succeed, instead of just trying to maintain a monopoly by keeping Uber out.

This is, bar none, the best coliving space ever: Mokrin House

Mokrin House is a very different kind of co-working and co-living space in rural northern Serbia. It’s a great place to get away, focus on work and meet interesting entrepreneurs from all over the world. I’ve had a great experience there, and highly recommend it to other remote workers!