Uber Has Gone Public, When Will Its Tech Go Global?

As an international traveler, I love using Uber and hate using taxis. They are slow, inconsistent and the pricing often varies wildly. Taxis need to embrace ride-sharing technology if they want to succeed, instead of just trying to maintain a monopoly by keeping Uber out.

This is, bar none, the best coliving space ever: Mokrin House

Mokrin House is a very different kind of co-working and co-living space in rural northern Serbia. It’s a great place to get away, focus on work and meet interesting entrepreneurs from all over the world. I’ve had a great experience there, and highly recommend it to other remote workers!

Benefits of Joining a Remote Work Program

Yes, traveling alone is much cheaper. But there are some real benefits to traveling with a group, and I think every digital nomad should travel with a group at least once. Someone else does the hard work of planning, and you also get to connect to a community of remote workers and entrepreneurs.

The History & Future of SEO

Let’s take a dive into the History of SEO. From the birth of the Internet, to the rise of Google I examine how SEO was created, how it has evolved, and how shady practices have both forced and inspired constant innovation of search engines. I also share my predictions for the future of SEO.

Notes from the Road – Split, Croatia

Croatia is beautiful, and one of my favorite places to visit. Here are my notes from my fourth visit to this country, that is full of welcoming and hard-working people.