Remote Work

Remote Work Tips Part I: Essential Apps

After more than two years working remotely, I’ve come up with a list of apps that can really improve your efficiency as a remote worker. Tools like Slack, Trello and RescueTime have been game changers for the remote workforce, and I dive a little deeper into my favorite features of each.

Predicting the Future of Remote Work

As the global economy grows and changes, I predict we will see more companies hiring a remote work force. What will that look like specifically? Here I’ve outlined my predictions for the expansion of remote work, and how hiring remote workers can be a serious benefit to companies.

Benefits of Joining a Remote Work Program

Yes, traveling alone is much cheaper. But there are some real benefits to traveling with a group, and I think every digital nomad should travel with a group at least once. Someone else does the hard work of planning, and you also get to connect to a community of remote workers and entrepreneurs.