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Welcome to day 7, it is the final day of the blog opening again. Uh, I did not sleep in today even though I slept 5 pm this morning. I still woke up early, right now I am waiting for a friend. We are going to lunch. Let’s see where he takes us today.

Christian: Earlier this week it was cold, I was walking around in a winter jacket almost. When it’s like above 15 degrees everyone is like let’s put on shorts.

Asad: Yeah, yeah,yeah

Christian: Everybody who is used to from warmer countries is like no, I am still walking around in a coat.

Asad: You’re wearing shorts.

Christian: Yeah, exactly. You have to take the opportunity when they come.

Asad: So, by the way, this is Christian. We met at Hacker Paradise back in Lima last year. So what have you been up to?

Christian: Right now I am studying software engineering. I understand none of it but it sounds awesome. So I will probably go into that.


Asad: was like who is this girl walking beside you?

Christian: She was trying to say hello to me.

Asad: Right, but she was just looking at you.

Asad: You don’t do books?

Christian: I don’t do books. We normally find books online or we just have online materials. So a mixture of that.

Asad: Oh, okay. That’s good. Being environmentally without paper.

Christian: Yeah, and cheap.

Christian: There is one sentence that Danish people can say, it is “rød grød med fløde”. I know nobody can say it.

Asad: Yeah, so where do you all learn it? Like when did you learn the phrase like when you were a kid or?

Christian: That is how you get the Danish citizenship.

Asad: Really!?

Christian: No. That would be horrible.

Asad: So what was the word again?

Christian: Rød grød med fløde

Asad: I can’t do it.

Christian: You’re not even going to try it.

Asad: There is a lot of Danish companies that incorporate some type of happiness in the name. Can you explain why is that?

Christian: Denmark or danish people are known as the happiest people on earth.

Asad: Right.

Christian: Right now we’re losing to the Norwegians but typically we are known as the happiest people on earth.

Asad: Okay.

Christian: Most people say it is because we are a very trustful group of people. Like we trust people.

Asad: Okay. Even to strangers?

Christian: Yeah. I think 8 out of 10 people say in different polls that they trust strangers.

Asad: Really, that’s good.

Christian: Like it often happens that women who just had a baby will leave their children outside while they go in to get a coffee.

Asad: Wow that is really trustworthy.

Christian: Like their not afraid that someone would steal their child.

Asad: Yeah, I have seen small kids traveling on public transport by themselves. Like it’s no problem.

Christian: Exactly. I think that just makes the economy easy. If we need something in the house fixed or something, we can just leave the keys outside. Then you can just put it back. Then you don’t have to use extra time and extra money.

Asad: Yeah, you don’t have to take a day off of work.

Christian: That whole thing can between 8 am and 5 pm sometimes, that doesn’t work.


Christian: How have you found Danish people in that regard? Like, are Danish people fairly friendly or not friendly?

Asad: Oh, yeah. Very friendly and trustful. In public transportation usually, in other countries, people don’t like to sit beside strangers. Here it is like they don’t really care.

Christian: Most people say the exact opposite.

Asad: Even for you?

Christian: Most people I talk to say Danish people are all closed off, they’re very bubbled in some sort.

Asad: Not really, I mean they won’t talk to you but they will sit next to you.

Christian: Yeah.

Asad: So we are going to see the little mermaid. Where’s the mermaid at?

Christian: It’s right over there on that rock.

Asad: On that rock? Oh! Looks like there’s a lot of people?

Christian: Yeah, exactly people go out right to it.

Asad: So, what is the story of the little mermaid?

Christian: Oh, it is an old story by a Danish author called HC Andersen.

Asad: Oh, okay a popular guy here?

Christian: A very popular guy, he is the most well known Danish author. He made a story about a little mermaid and then she found, it is the same story as the Disney movie.

Asad: Oh, okay.

Christian: She found a guy that she liked and she talked to a witch. Then she talked to the witch and the witch was like hey if I give you legs and you don’t talk but you still get him then I will give you legs and you can live with him ever after. But then she ended up failing and was turned into foam on the water. Apparently, somebody made a statue of her.

Asad: Okay.

Christian: The funny thing is people always are like I want to see the little mermaid. Even though there is little in the name everyone is always so mad because it is too small.

Asad: But that looks like fairly normal size, life size.

Christian: It is the same size as other mermaids. It is normal like the other Danish mermaids, we have tons of them.

Asad: Yeah, apparently.

Christian: Either that or she stopped doing drugs. That is the famous little mermaid.