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Hello everyone, welcome to day 3 of my vlog here in Copenhagen. As you can see I am not wearing a jacket right now. Because yesterday I forgot to buy a new jacket. The down jacket was too heavy. So, now I am forcing myself not to wear a jacket. It’s nine degrees and it’s very cold. I’m walking towards a proper shopping mall so that my first goal of the day is to actually buy a hoodie or a smaller jacket. We will see if the shopping mall has my size or not.

So, I am in the shopping mall right now and it seems that there is a clothing store that has plus sizes for men. I’m going to see if that’s the case and see if I can get a nice jacket today.

So, they have sizes here up to 9XL, which is perfect.

So, I just got a new jacket. It’s pretty cool. It cost me EUR 129. It is a bit much, but considering the quality of it, it’s really really nice. Yeah, so now I don’t have to walk in the freezing cold.

Right now, I am on the train and I’m on the way back to the center of the city. I’m not going to do a lot of walking today. I just want to visit, I think I am going to visit the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not center and the Guinness World of Records.

Alright, right now I am in front of the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. One thing that I didn’t notice yesterday is, besides the museum, there is actually a KFC. So we’re going to check out the museum inside and see what amazing things they have to show today. Then, after that, we’re going to have lunch at KFC. I haven’t had KFC for a few months now, so I am craving for it.

Alright, so I spent about ten, fifteen minutes inside the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. Most of the stuff I have seen in other similar places, in other similar Ripley’s Museum in other countries.

One tip, if you ever see like a mirror, where you have to make funny faces in the mirror. Don’t do it, well you can do it but, just so you know it’s always a two-way mirror. So, right before the end you can other people making funny faces from the other side. So, I am done with Ripley’s. Before going to the Guinness World Records Museum we are going to go to KFC.

This is what I had for lunch at KFC. After lunch, I did go to the Guinness World Records Museum. Although, I did not record any footage there because I have already seen most of the stuff anyways. After the visit to the Guinness World Records Museum, I decided to go watch a movie. Because I haven’t been to the cinema in a long time. So, when I went shopping earlier this morning I noticed besides the shopping mall there was also a cinema. So, I went back there to go watch a movie and I ended up watching the new Tomb Raider. This cinema is pretty cool, they have a machine where you can just buy the tickets, you don’t have to deal with people if you don’t want to. They do have booths but they were empty at the time when I went there. It is [?5:16] so they probably use it on the weekends or when there are a lot more people in the evening.

The best thing about the cinema is the snack shop. The snack shop, other than having the obvious popcorn. They also have a lot of candy and junk food. It’s like a kids dream, every aisle that you go to, every corner, it’s candy in all types of flavors and all types of brands. You have obviously, soft drinks, it’s just like a dreamland for kids..and me of course.

So, I just finished watching Tomb Raider and it was a really good movie. The cinema and the seats are very good, it’s very big. FYI, the seats are numbered so you can pick and choose which seats you want. I will definitely be coming back to the cinema again tomorrow, or maybe the day after tomorrow to watch a couple movies. I do need to watch the Black Panther before the new Avengers: Infinity War comes out. But, yeah that’s it for today. I am really tired, I’m getting really really sleepy. I’m just going to go back home, chill, edit and upload this video. So, I will see you guys later.