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MozCon 2017 Key Takeaways

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What is MozCon?

Three days, one track of forward-thinking, actionable sessions in SEO, brand development, CRO, the mobile landscape, analytics, customer experience, social and content marketing, and more.

Industry leaders and speakers share next-level tactics on everything from ranking higher in today’s evolving search results to making data-driven decisions in your marketing.

Fun fact, Moz partners with 50/50 Pledge and commits to better representation of women on stage.

Key Takeaways

All the sessions are jam-packed with insights! I’ve organized the key takeaways according to (hopefully) relevant categories.

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Content Optimization

  • Optimize all images with relevant ALT and TITLE. ALT is the objects in the image. TITLE is the short contextual description of the image.
    • Image search is on the rise. This could be a potential additional traffic source.
    • Image alt and the title was intended to improve accessibility for the blind. Sites with that are 508c compliant generally rank better on SERP.
  • Create content that not only solves a particular problem but dive into other tangents of questions that may arise. Answer every possible question that may arise.
    • People do not want to be pitched. They just want to solve the problems and clear all doubts.
    • Imagine if we’re only allowed get 1 backlink for a content. We need to be damn sure we have the best of the best.
    • Produce the content you want to find not what you want to rank.
    • Writing something to be “thanked” for rather than “ranked”.
    • Don’t worry about Rank Brain. Write for humans.
  • Invest in finding a winning reusable format to create content that encourages discussion and engagement. Post-hoc rationalization.
    • Content with data/graphs works best but it does not have to be boring.
    • Formats are only the vessel (data) but the creative (feeling) is what connects with people.
    • People are more likely to share engaging content.
  • Exercise in regular brainstorming sessions to come up with content ideas.
    • To find the “diamond in the rough”, we need to first come up with a shit ton of shit ideas.
  • Find content ideas from online communities.
    • StackOverflow- see most commented and upvoted questions/comments
    • Slideshare – See which “slide” that gets clicked a lot
    • Reddit – Find popular content to model and riff off from.
      • Look for posts with the last month in a popular subreddit.
      • Can also use them for focus groups
  • Repurpose content to increase reach
    • Take snippets (screenshot, quotes, etc) of content and share on social
    • Use tools to auto-convert markdown to ebook, slides, etc.
  • Use stock photos that is free for commercial use and don’t require attribution
  • In keyword research pay attention to intent modifiers for opportunities that we can focus on.

Brand Awareness

  • Create an online community (Ambassador Program) to drive ongoing engagement.
    • Having a content-first community
    • eg: Shopify University
    • Community forums – gamification increases engagement.
  • Always outreach for everything.
    • Even the best campaign ever wouldn’t get any coverage without outreach.
    • Outreach is being more about perseverance and is more of who you are.
  • Leverage social platforms for long-term branding and not referral traffic or customer acquisition.
    • Facebook is a dopamine hit because we’re bored, mobile, muted and time-bound.
      • Funny short videos. Silent videos, similar to Charlie Chaplin. Think of ‘snackable content’.
    • Instagram is to explore lifestyles
      • Company work culture. Showcase benefits, perks, work-life balance, events, office-space
    • YouTube for how to tutorials. Use Wistia Soapbox to produce videos quickly.
  • Work on brand awareness to secure future of search, voice.
    • Voice only gives 1 result. So need to make sure when people think of a product or service they think of your company.
    • The first to dominate voice, will eliminate competition entirely.

Landing Page Optimization

  • Improve landing pages by leveraging information from customer user journey.
    • Ask customers pain point
    • Talk to people and ask about their understanding of what is our product.
    • Gather stories, and use the text verbatim on landing page copy
    • Stop thinking for the customers. Generic content does not evoke emotions. Emotional copies work best.
    • Ask what customers think what info is important, then adapt information/sections on landing page accordingly.
    • Ask users why they clicked on the SERP.

Customer Feedback

  • Run live chat for 1 week to figure out questions not answered in websites
    • Use that to improve Help doc or landing pages.
  • Satisfying user intent and giving instant gratification always beats “identity”
  • Be there, be useful, be quick.
  • Read competitors bad reviews to see what we can do better.
  • Track what people are clicking on the page
    • Track “time to click”. After page load, when did the user click on a link or interact with the page?
    • Page, Previous Page, Active Time