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Alright, I was on my way to city hall to meet up for the free walking tour. Um, but I was almost there and I was thinking I forgot my wallet back home. So, I am not going to be doing the free walking tour today. I am going to go home and get my wallet and go back out again. Go shopping for some new shoes and jacket. Probably like a hoodie, like this jacket is, right now it is almost spring and it is like overkill.

So yea, we will see if my wallet is back home or if someone nicked it.  Um, yea I think it is back home because this morning I was rushing and I wasn’t paying attention. So hopefully it is there. So far I haven’t got any SMS notifications that my card has been charged. Usually, if someone nicks your wallet and you have a bunch of credit cards they will start immediately using it.

So, I think it is going to be there at home. Got my wallet back at home! So I just found out there is another tour company has a second tour at 2 pm. So, I am going to go there instead, and I remember to bring my wallet.  

Quick update I am at the Kings New Square in Copenhagen. New plan! So the tour that’s at 2 pm lasts for three hours. Which means I was not able to make it for the other tour that starts at 4 pm. New plan is I am going to finish up this tour and then I am going to go shopping.

So it is the end of the day, yea, it has been a very long day on the walking tour. After the walking tour, I went to the center of the city I forgot the street name. I went through a bunch of shoe store but they didn’t have any of the designs that I liked. Most of them have laces which I do not like.

I want to have a slip on, something you know that is easy and quick with me flying a lot. Going through security is faster having shoes with no laces. Fortunately, I found a Sketchers store and I actually got a pair of new shoes. As you can see my current shoes are ripped. These new shoes are pretty good.

While in the store while trying different shoe sizes, I never thought I would say this but some of the shoes are too big to me and that never happened back in Malaga or any parts of Asia. So they were like sizes 12 and 13 and they were just too big for me on some of the shoes there. So yea, that’s its right now I am walking back home and we will see what tomorrow brings us. See ya.