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Hello and welcome to day four of my Vlog. On this Vlog, it’s going to be much, much shorter & you won’t actually see my face in this Vlog because I actually slept the whole day and didn’t wake up until the evening so my schedule is really screwed up right now. It’s really funny that everywhere I go. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Europe, Asia, North America or South America, anywhere in the world. Eventually, I will default to being a night owl. I’ll be awake the whole night & when the morning comes, I’ll be tired & I’ll sleep the whole day. That’s very useful if I actually have work to do because I usually work best at night when it’s quiet and when nobody’s awake. But, when you are actually on holiday & trying to enjoy all of the attractions & all of the fun places to be, it’s not great that you are not awake during the day.

But, moving on. Today when I woke up I remembered that it was Wednesday & there is an improv comedy show in the city. So, I went to the improv comedy Copenhagen theater in the city, and they have shows from Wednesdays to Sundays, so I might be going more than once this week. For those of you don’t know who improv comedy is, here is an explanation from the host.

Host: so, this improvising thing, let’s explain what it actually means, well it means they’ll da o character on the spot. Again, it’s run by your suggestion. From there, scenes will emerge & maybe even some sort storyline. I’m not going to promise you a storyline but. I think there will be a storyline it. Or, there will be one funny scene after another. the first show will be an opening monologue, which will be spoken very authentically from the person’s past experience, so that’s the real, real thing you’re going to see tonight. The rest might be a little made up. Now, improves means they haven’t practiced the script of course. Everything you see here will only be seen tonight and never again.

Alrighty then, let’s take a look at some clips of a bit of what I really, really like.

Comedy clips:

Male: I thought that the only way to catch the mouse was to use one of those standard mouse traps from Disney.

Male: I’m an innocent person, I’m innocent I tell you
Female: No, not this time. Not this time. I fell for thus seven months ago, I let you out you bastard dog. Son of a cat.
Male: Why doesn’t anyone believe me. Look, this is a picture of my family. Look, this is Frederick…
Female: those all all pictures of you.
Male: Remember what happened last time…last time..last time.

Male: I’m afraid that Sunday is the end, so you must use (Heavy Laughter)
Female: Is it alphabetical order? Oh what a drag.
Male: The new regime things will be making sense.
Other male: What the fuck is going on!
Male: Yeah, I know it’s indicitious. I know. This is it, this is it.
Female: Fine, fine fine please take us?
Male: don’t forget the trip advisor review…
Female: im going to be the first one trying this, I guess my review will be very significant for your stage.

So, that’s it for today. If you’re in Copenhagen, I highly recommend you go into the ICC theater, check out those guys. The group is called Graphite Balloon, & I will see you guys tomorrow