Why Hiring an SEO Freelancer Probably Makes the Most Sense for Your Business

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Remote workers contribute to business goals

Businesses have more need than ever before for effective search engine optimization (SEO). According to Search Engine Journal, 93% of all online sessions include the use of Google or another search provider. Failing to rank high in the search results for relevant terms will condemn a website to miss out on valuable, organic traffic. 

As such, many companies face the question of how best to obtain the SEO services they require. A look into the most common options will reveal that hiring freelance SEO Consultants almost always wins out. 

Three Ways to Work With SEO Experts 

Companies of all sizes and kinds today have at least a few options when it comes to paying for SEO services. The three approaches that are most common are: 


It can seem sensible to hire employees who will focus solely or mostly on SEO. Naturally enough, smaller businesses tend to skip past this option, while larger ones are more likely to give it serious consideration. 


Many digital marketing agencies today offer SEO services and plans of various kinds. In some cases, clients will be allowed to secure them on demand and without restrictions. In others, agencies will provide SEO services only to businesses that commit to contracts. 

Remote workers

Still another option is to find and hire individual SEO consultants as and when needed. Whether that means seeking out recommendations from others or leveraging existing relationships, this is a popular choice for businesses in need of help with SEO, as well. 

Remote Workers Generally Win Out When It Comes to SEO 

Naturally enough, each of these three ways to arrange for SEO comes with characteristic benefits and drawbacks. In practice, though, most businesses that look into the details discover that freelance SEO consultants end up being best with regard to issues like: 


Adding another employee to the payroll will always be expensive. In addition to extras like benefits and taxes, employers can run into other troubles when their staff rosters exceed certain limits. Agencies have the additional overhead of their own that gets passed on to clients who pay for their SEO services. Even when a freelance consultant’s hourly or project-based rate seems somewhat high, the overall cost will almost always be lower than those of the alternatives.


Few companies have SEO related needs that do not vary significantly over time. Having an in-house SEO specialist collecting a check while demand is low is a common but expensive form of waste. Agencies that offer SEO services tend to prefer clients who either have active contracts or seem likely to sign them soon. Freelance SEO consultants are, by their very nature, used to tackling projects whenever they become available. That additional flexibility makes it easier for businesses to scale their spending however their resources and SEO needs dictate. 


A 2018 study jointly commissioned by Upwork and the Freelancer’s Union found that freelance workers tend to keep their skills sharper than full-time employees. Seven in ten freelancers surveyed engaged in relevant training in the six preceding months, compared to only half of all conventional workers. This will often mean that a freelance SEO consultant will be more familiar with the latest developments in the field than will a salaried employee in-house or at an agency. 


Sometimes an SEO generalist could be the best fit for a company’s needs. In another case, a freelance writer with strong SEO skills might be perfect for a business that needs more content. Still another company could benefit from having access to an expert at technical SEO. Choosing to use freelance SEO consultants will mean having more options compared to in-house or agency-based arrangements. 


Successful freelance SEO consultants learn how to work independently out of necessity. In-house SEO specialists need to be managed and overseen, and many develop habits that detract from their productivity and drive up project costs. Agency-based SEO experts report to their own managers, and that can introduce conflicts of interest and other problems. An experienced freelance consultant will often be able to deliver without any additional intervention or attention being devoted to the matter. That ultimately makes business easier for all involved. 


In-house SEO staffers often become less productive and devoted to their jobs over time. Once a full-time employee starts feeling comfortable and secure, output quality tends to decline, whether working at an agency or for another business. A freelance SEO consultant who fails to produce what clients want and need will never gain much traction in the industry. Freelance consultants with impressive records and plenty of satisfied clients rarely disappoint. 


For reasons like these and others, hiring freelance SEO consultants often makes more sense for a business than going either of the other common routes. While there are some drawbacks to this approach, most of these end up being relatively easy to minimize. 

Some businesses, for example, fear that relying upon remote consultants for SEO will make it more difficult to develop relationships that simplify matters in the future. In practice, successful freelance consultants have every bit as much of an incentive to keep working with valued clients as vice versa. 

The other commonly purported downsides of engaging remote workers have similar mitigating factors when it comes to SEO freelancers. Businesses that conduct an involved assessment of their options therefore increasingly opt to rely on freelance SEO consultants by default. 

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