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Hacker Paradise Review 2018 – On The Fence? Read this first!

It’s been a year since I joined HP back in Lima 2017. And in the same year, I joined their Chiang Mai and Phnom Penh trip. Fast forward to 2018, I recently spent 2 weeks with them in Bali.

Since then they’ve hired more facilitators to support concurrent trips across 3 continents.

With my experience joining all the different trips, I want to highlight again the 2 best things about the Hacker Paradise program. Those being professional development and access o the alumni network.

Professional Development

The people-oriented professional development program by Hacker Paradise is what makes me excited to come back. Since Hacker Paradise vets participants rigorously, we get a lot of experienced professionals joining. This means that every week, we have speakers that are solid and subject experts in their field.

For me, being with remote work and travel program like HP, allows me to practice being a speaker in different locations and environment. Public speaking is really difficult for me but being with a very supportive and open environment on Hacker Paradise trips allows me to slowly overcome my fear.

Alumni Network

This to me is the golden nugget of HP. It’s like being in a secret society! I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities meeting new people and working on cool projects just by having access to their Alumni Slack Workspace.

I’ve gotten interview pieces published at NomadAsFuck & BeNomad. Those articles are valuable for my personal branding and have gotten me freelancing opportunities. And recently I got the opportunity to be involved with an amazing decentralized travel reviews platform based on the blockchain; Explorio

As I travel and work remotely more frequently, I’m sure I will cross paths with Hacker Paradise again, and I will keep this review article updated.

When you decide to apply for Hacker Paradise 2018, I’d appreciate if you write “referred by Asad Zulfahri” in the “tell us about yourself”section of the application form. I’ll receive $200 of credit towards a future HP trip and in return, I’ll give you 3 hours worth of SEO consulting for your product/website. Win-Win 🙂