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A Brief Moment of Solitude at Restaurace Eska

8 course tasting menu

June 10 – The Kutna Hora day trip really drained me. After a short nap, I was feeling hungry and headed to a nearby restaurant, Eska. It was a short 10 min walk from my place. Arrived there at ~9.45 pm, got a seat and ordered the 8-course tasting menu.

Then to my surprise, as I was enjoying my 3rd course, a big group of Roamers showed up. I’m glad I had my own separate table as with a big group, it’s very difficult to have individual orders.

I was on my 3rd course when one by one, some of the Roamers came to my table to have a quick chat. Some asked why don’t I join them at their table but I politely declined as I’ve already started and it was a night where I needed some space, maybe a lot of space.

Eska is an amazing restaurant. Every single item on the tasting menu was very enjoyable (much better than Central Restaurante in Lima). No inedible decorations here, just amazing food. Their food, ambiance, and attention to detail were excellent and I feel that they are on the road on getting a Michelin Star. Fingers crossed!

Side note: Every other course that came, again some Roamers came to my table for a quick check-in which I truly appreciated. They seemed genuinely concerned why I wasn’t joining them. But I just didn’t have the energy for socializing in a big group. If they were 1-2, sure, 3-4, maybe, but more than 10, nope.

The food was so good that I decided to order another Grilled Salmon (the full dish). The waitress mentioned that the kitchen was closed 10 minutes ago but she went to check with them and the kitchen staff obliged. They could’ve said no, but didn’t (perks of being a wallflower?). I asked her to thank the entire kitchen staff for being flexible.

Towards the end of my meal a waiter approaches and asked if I wanted to join the Roamers table. I guessed one of the Roamers requested him to ask me that. Again, I politely declined as I had to leave. I asked for the bill and another waitress asked if I wanted any dessert but I had to leave. When she brought me the bill, it came with free desserts (oh well, might as well enjoy it!). Wanted to tip 20% for their excellent service but she mentioned that 10% is enough. I wanted to give extra since their services were like a well-oiled machine and the kitchen staff was very flexible with the extra order. We settled with 15% tip.

Before heading out, I went to the Roamers table to check things out. They were having the 5-course tasting menu with a few bottles of wine. Small talk checked off the list, it was time for me to disappear.