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So, today is day four of the vlog. Wait, is it day four or day five? But, yeah. I’ve been sleeping the whole day today and it’s now the evening. What time is it? Ah, I forgot my watch. But, it’s like I don’t know 6:30 pm? The sun is still up. I’m not sure what I want to do, I haven’t eaten anything yet. I’m either going to a restaurant or I’m just going to go to the cinema and then have something to eat nearby. But, I’ve got to figure out if they have any nice restaurants nearby the cinema. So, we will see what we do today.

Alright, so I’ve just decided. I will go to the cinema and watch a movie. I’m either going to watch Rampage or Black Panther. Let’s see if they have any good seats available. I’m sure there is because it’s Thursday and I don’t think a lot of people go to the cinema on Thursday. I’m going to watch a movie and depending on the timing, I will either go to dinner after the movie or before.

Alright so, this is going to be another very, very short blog. I’m sorry about that. Today, basically what I did was woke up, uploaded yesterdays video then went to dinner. I decided to go to dinner near the cinema. There was a middle eastern buffet restaurant but, they didn’t serve any middle eastern food it’s mostly western food which is weird. But, I went to the buffet restaurant. I was thinking of watching Black Panther but I thought, I don’t know, I saw the reviews and mostly it was good, looking at the trailer and it seems like they’re trying too hard in the trailer. So, I’m still on the fence whether I want to watch Black Panther. Tonight I didn’t watch Black Panther, I watched a show called Den Of Thieves. Oh, hold on, my train is here. I have to catch my train, I will catch you guys later.

So, as I was saying I watched the Den Of Thieves tonight. It was really, really good. Well, I was watching the trailers and also looking at the actors in Black Panther and Den Of Thieves. Black Panther, I didn’t really know of the actors, so when I saw the Den Of Thieves I saw Gerard Butler was there. I was like okay, that’s it’s. I’m going to watch the Den Of Thieves. In terms of movie rating, I would say I will rate the movie a solid seven. It’s definitely a must watch. Especially, if you really, really like movies that require a lot of thinking. There’s a lot of plot twists. I really like movies that require a lot of thinking. When I see movies I always question everything, everything that people do. It helps with critical thinking and just for me, I think those kinds of movies really helps keep your brains sharp. The moral of the story is ya know, keep a low profile, keep everything on the down-low and don’t underestimate people that are quiet or introverted, sometimes they are the smartest people in the room because they listen really, really well.

That’s it for today’s vlog. So, for tomorrow I am planning in the morning to go to Maritime Museum it’s a little bit far up north in Copenhagen. Then, after that I am planning to go to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. I heard that there’s really nice music and they have a really nice outdoor restaurant. So, I will go there. And then maybe, just maybe after that I will go to the cinema and watch Black Panther. We’ll see. So, that’s it guys, see you tomorrow.