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First of all you need to what exactly is a Nofollow link. This is particular HTML Value that is often used to give some information to the search engines. They are meant to tell the search engine if they should follow the link or not. This is a good way to control the web traffic according to your wish.

The Nofollow links are great options to stop spam and prevent the false indexing of a web page in the search engine results. There are many Nofollow links that are being used in the posts now-a-days. This is done when it is known that the content of that particular post is threatening for the entire site.

Where to use the Nofollow links?

There are certain cases wherein you are allowed to or you should use the Nofollow links. Whenever you feel that the number of outgoing links has become bigger than it is required you can attach a Nofollow link to the posts.

This will control the outbound links and make sure that the page rank of the web page is kept high. Sometimes there are posts and sites which contain matter which is objectionable or can cause controversies. In this case you can add a Nofollow tag to the link so that the search engine does not follow it.

What the search engines have to say?

It was in the year of 2005 when Google announced that the Nofollow links posted in various websites and posts will not control the search engine ranking of the page any more. This was not good news for those who were using the Nofollow links to enhance their page ranking. The other prominent search engines also accepted this concept and they followed the rule mentioned by Google.

Now Google says that they are strict follower of the literal meaning of the word Nofollow. If this tag or attribute is attached to a particular link they will simply keep away from it and never bother to go through the web page that is linked with it.

But the experiments say that through they follow these links but when it comes to indexing it is a strict no-no for Google as well as search engines like Yahoo, MSN and Ask.

Usage of the Nofollow links should be done according to the purpose. There are certain cases which include the plugins where you can use them freely but otherwise always make sure that you are doing this to fulfill certain purposes.

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