Web Hosting Recommendations

Choosing the right web host provider is vital for an online business. I myself have experienced a fair share of bad web hosting issues. Sites going up and down like crazy and slow loading websites with no support staff to address the issue immediately. I’ve lost several hundreds of customers because my site was down for 15 minutes.

I hope other people don’t run into problems that I have. This is why I highly recommend you to visit web hosting directory @ WebHostingRating.com before you decide to buy a hosting account. One of the best way to avoid bad web hosting company is to do some research or reviews in the internet. At WebHostingRating.com you can read on reviews about the various web hosting services such as Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting. Visit them today 😉

4 thoughts on “Web Hosting Recommendations”

  1. Looking for good reviews is recommendable, but sometimes, if the webhost is very good, sometimes there are no bad or good reviews.

    These days, when people find good hosts, they don’t exactly give a review because they don’t want other people ‘polluting’ their good host…..

  2. when it comes to webhosting, try selecting a webhost with Directadmin rather than Webmin control panel`-;

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