URL Shortener by GG.GG

I remember the good old days of the world wide web when the only way to shorten urls is by actually buying a short domain name and get a script with analytics feature to track each unique shortened urls. Fortunately nowadays there are a plethora of options available for webmasters such as the famous bitly and goo.gl. Recently I stumbled across a new url shortener service: GG.GG

Gg.gg Url Shortener is no ordinary url shortener service provider. Many other url shortening services depend on third party developers to create browser extensions but with GG.gg, they have their very own official url shortener chrome plugin and also url shortener opera plugin. There’s no official announcement regarding a Firefox extension but I’m sure they’ll have a team of programmers working on it.

GG.gg offers the basic url shortener features such as visitor tracking and editing existing urls. According to official sources, they are currently working on a more detailed statistic with a country filter feature. Follow their official twitter account @ggdotgg to keep updated. Unlike some other url shortner service, gg.gg offers their services totally free with absolutely no advertisements. Although I do hope there will give us an option of revenue sharing through ads somewhere in the near future. Give GG DOT GG a try today 🙂