Getting The Best Results from AdSense

In this post I want to share with you some extra tips for getting the best results from your Adsense endeavors.

1) When you are running an AdSense campaign, it is important to make sure that you are testing all of the different possibilities to make sure that you are getting the highest click through rate. Try to test different layouts on different pages to see what works the best. To achieve proper result from your test it is important to use pages that receive similar amounts of traffic.

2) Although testing is necessity, there are certain areas for your ads that are thought to be more likely to encourage a higher CTR’s than others. For instance, above the page footer, below the header or navigation bar or on the top left hand side of your page are thought to be very good. Typically the area in the middle above the main content is thought to be best.

SEO Keyword/Phrase Development

I have been building websites for nearly a decade and promoting them professionally for 5 as well. Ever since I can remember we have referred to it as Keywords. Keywords research, keyword density, meta-keywords”¦ totally pervasive. Much of the last few years or so I really started to move away from the tight association using that term seems to invoke. More often than not you will be looking at ‘phrasings’ more than actual keywords.

The average end user (surfer/searcher) is evolving and becoming more Search Savvy in how they seek things out. You will see a lot of search referrers (search terms used to find a given site) with wild and varied search terms. It is rarely a ‘dead hit’ on the terms you’re targeting. Some certainly are, but there is a vast amount of unique phrase searching going on. Learning to look at ‘organic’ phrasings and ‘long tail’ terms is important in your keyword/phrase research and development. It’s more than just ‘keywords’ these days.