Introduction to SEO

Search algorithms are still in their infancy. Many people will still be able to run successful businesses doing nothing but SEO for at least a few years to come.

As you learn more about the value of SEO, and how it integrates into the web, you should be able to increase your income or social reach significantly. Only by pairing SEO with other marketing methods or viewing the web through a larger lense will you be able to fully appreciate the value of SEO.

There are many other algorithms and ideas driving search, but at the end of the day the end goal of all the algorithms is to favor useful content so the results are relevant, which allows the engines to make more money serving ads

Content has many meanings though, and there are different ways to make content useful to different people. will do its best to give a guide on what you should do to promote your site and how to spark your creativity to help you think of ways to gain strong advantages over your competition.