What is a Nofollow link? Don’t get upset to hear this question as there are many people who are not really aware of the Nofollow links and their purpose. This is the reason they keep asking many apparently irrelevant questions regarding this.

There could be various reason of adding the Nofollow links to the posts. These are the links that instruct the search engines about not exploring a particular site or web page that is linked with the Nofollow link.

When the site owner feels that the linked page can create some problem for the overall site they often create the Nofollow links even in the posts. Some use them to stop the spam.

When should you use the Nofollow links in posts?

You may come across certain circumstances wherein attaching a Nofollow tag to the links become quite essential. There are many newly launched websites which contain a huge number of outbound links towards other websites. This often lowers the page rank of that web page and they get limited listing in the search engine results.

This is when they should endorse more Nofollow links in their postings and site as well. Sometimes the posts come up with content that is somewhat offensive and contentious. These sorts of contents should be kept away from the search engines and they should use the Nofollow links to do so.

Google and other search engines-about the Nofollow links

In the year of 2005 Google declared that the hyperlinks that are attached with a Nofollow tag will not be able to influence the page ranking of the web page with the search engines. There are other search engines as well who consider the concept of Nofollow links seriously.

According to Google the Nofollow links are taken by their literal meaning and they never follow those links with c the Nofollow tag. But the researches and SEO experiments say that this is not completely right.

Though Google follow the links but they never index them in their result pages. Same is the case with Yahoo which often follows the Nofollow but exclude them from their listing. MSN and Ask are the two search engines that religiously follow the instructions of these links and stay away from them.

There are certain cases where you should not use the Nofollow links. If it is not associated with special cases like plugins, think twice before using the Nofollow links.

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