For anyone who’s struggled to write an article, it can come as a shock to hear that you can do it in 30 minutes – or less.

You just need a little organization to start whipping out articles like crazy.

Start by giving yourself a strict time limit to choose your subject. Don’t agonize over it for hours; just give yourself 1 minute to make a choice.

No a minute is not long compared to the exhaustive research normally done, but we’re trying to get you moving here so write down any words you can think of about a subject you know about. Keep writing for a full minute.

A good place to start is with any ideas that you think can solve somebody’s problem. Because, let’s be honest, that’s what sells. People are looking for information to solve problems all day long and when they find it, well, let’s just say they’re usually in a more receptive state to buy. That’s even more true if you offer quality content, which is why for this exercise I suggest you brainstorm something you know about.

Now here’s a little trick. Your brain actually loves speed, so type out your ideas as fast as your fingers will allow. Don’t try to write a prize-winning novel, just get the ideas down. If some of it doesn’t make sense we can deal with it later, so you haven’t committed yourself to anything yet.

That tricks your ‘critical’ brain into silence, so you can get on with it without all those nagging doubts most people get. You know the ones.

* “Does this make sense?”
* “Do I know what I’m talking about?”
* “Will people think I’m no good?”

Only after you’ve finished do you read through what you’ve typed. Now’s your chance to get rid of
everything that doesn’t make sense.

You can also add anything you need to get your point across. Just allow yourself a fixed time to do this part. I’d recommend 10 minutes. Hey, if you cheat and take 12 that’s ok too!

Have another read through for any revisions you feel should be in there. Whatever else you do, make sure it is an easy read for your visitors – they’ll thank you for it.

Ok, we’re about done. Just add closing comments if you feel they might be useful and finish off the article. At this point it’s not a bad idea to take a short comfort break, have a drink and stretch your legs. Get away from your computer.

When you read through the article this one last time you can still rephrase anything you’re not happy with, but generally, consider the article finished.

Do not keep tweaking. Accept less than 100% perfection.

If that offends the ‘purists’ then I’m sorry, but anyone who tries to make everything 100% will end up making nothing.

If you have a good grammar checker and spell checker by all means run your article through it. Typos are easy to miss sometimes. But don’t spend 30 minutes creating an article and 4 hours checking it.

Articles will only start to make you money when they’ve been released into the world.

A brilliant article that you keep revising makes you nothing. An ok article that you actually submit can make you real money.

Which would you prefer?

30 minutes may not sound like enough time to write an article from scratch, but keep practicing and you should be able to do it any time. In fact, you should get quicker at it.


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