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Every webmaster or blogger who are serious in making money in the world wide web would do anything to to increase traffic from search engines. There are many ways to increase search engine traffic and one of most popular way to increase search engine traffic is to increase search engine ranking first. In the realm of internet marketing, there have been a lot of talk about blog advertisements.Blog advertising is one of the best form of search engine optimization as it is one of the fastest way to get a buzz and quality backlinks as well as getting crawled by search engines more frequently. Search engines loves deep inbound links and blog advertising is also one of the most efficient way to get deep links. Even though blog advertising is currently one of the most effective way to increase search engine traffic & ranking but it is also very risky.

Major search engines such as Google & Yahoo! does not condone blog advertising because they see it as a form of search engine ranking manipulation. Last December, Google started a major “Pagerank Spank” which resulted in millions of blogs getting their PageRank stripped. Ever since the “PageRank Spank”, publishers are more cautions in deciding the content of their blog and advertisers are getting more picky choosing which websites and blogs to advertise their products.

These days, more and more publishers are moving away from the world of paid blogging. Because of this, (article advertisement) was created! Host My Post is one currently one of the best places for publishers to earn money and advertisers to advertise their products without fearing their websites and blogs getting penalized by search engines.

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