Google Adsense Video Ads – A Bad Idea?

I know it’s a little late for me to post about this but better late than never 😉

If you a new AdSense Publisher you may not know that on May 23rd 2006, Inside AdSense introduced a new kind of ads called Video Ads. In my honest opinion, at that time, it’s a bad idea it still is now.

Nobody in the right state of mind would be willingly to watch commercials on their PC. Why? Because there’s already too many on televisions!

Also, Text Ads (which can be seen with any internet connection dial-ups, broadband, etc.) are far more easier to implement and it reaches a wide target of audience than Video Ads (which requires a fast connection to watch it)

Take a look at the following video to hear comments from SwapW about Google AdSense Video Ads:

I am not trying to persuade anyone not to use Google AdSense Video Ads. It’s an interesting thing…go ahead and try it a few days. If the revenue is higher than text ads then good for you…if it’s not, just stick to the old fashion text ads. Newer doesn’t always means that it’s better 😉