Good Education Background = More MySpace Friends!

In the last post I talked about getting respect from other MySpace users by showing which college you went to. In the last post, I also promised to tell you how does a good education background can get you more friends on MySpace.

So, let's say on your MySpace profile you show that you are currently studying or have just graduated from Amherst College and you've lost your mobile phone and you're friends has no way of contacting you…What can your friends do to reach you? Well, they can just simply make a search at MySpace for "Amherst College" or any other college such as Carleton College. What matters is that you have placed your education background your MySpace profile and anyone who knows which college you went to can find you on MySpace!

Also, other people from around the world who are interesting in being friends from students from a particular college might just stumbled upon you and you have just made a new friend 🙂 Imagine if about 0.5% of the net users want to know someone who went to Haverford College you might just get about 34 821 000 friends!

This info isn't exactly new but for newbies out there…..I hope you find this post useful 😉