Facebook and MySpace Members Under Private Screening

If you are a member of Facebook or MySpace you are being warned to beef up your privacy for your personal security. The latest news is that these social networking sites are being combed by lurking employers who are on the lookout for future prospective candidates. The Attorney General and Deputy Premier Robert Hulls revealed that a launch is on for candidate profiles. Thus you need to be extra cautious about your privacy settings. A list of security measures has been released to help people safeguard their privacy on these sites.

Mr Hulls said that the social networking sites are gaining popularity rapidly and there could be comments or images tagged with your profile that could be injurious. A recent survey showed that 44% of the employers are tracking the various networking sites for hiring purposes. You are advised to create your profile giving attention to each detail and omitting those that you do not want the world to know about.

Mr Hulls further iterated that the privacy settings should be in such an order that it would be impossible to tamper with someone else’s privacy and permission would be necessary. Anyone facing harassment through these networking sites can lodge a complaint.