Calculating Link Popularity

By the term link popularity it is denoted how many websites are linked with a particular website. Many of the prominent search engines provide a lot of importance to the link popularity of the websites. The link operator is represented like “link:” and this is added at the beginning of a particular URL to find the number of links associated with it. The tool will help you to know more about the link popularity of any site as they will consult the important search engines to get the most authentic results. The results will surely vary from one search engine to the other.

The “Spider Simulator” Tool

There are many websites which are designed with programs like Flash or Java. They might look attractive but often are not readable to the search engines. The reason is that the search engine spiders can only recognize the conventional HTML designs but the images and other formats. This is how the websites remain unnoticed by the search engines as the contents are not read by them. And when the spider is not able to see the content there is no way you can improve the rank of the site. But this tool will help the search engines to read the content in such a manner that they can understand easily and index the site in the result pages.

The Tool for Keyword Suggestions

This is very important to select the right keywords for a particular website so that it gets noticed by the search engines and this is the sole aim of SEO. This tool will help you to know more about the most relevant keywords which are directly related to the content featured in your website. You just need to enter a key term and it will consult with the other Google searchers so that you get to know the most popular terms that are often used by the visitors and also related to the content. Try this effective SEO tool to get better web traffic.