Create Your Own Website: Three Easy Steps!

Developing and hosting your own webpage can look daunting at first, especially if you have never done it before. However, with a well selected template, proper knowledge of how to insert the information you need into your templates, and a good hosting service, you’ll have your website up and running in no time! Below are three EASY steps to creating a successful website!
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Bad Web Hosting = Bad SEO!

Free Hosting
I do not recommend free hosting. With the plague of garbage on the web many people may not be willing to link to sites that reside on a free host. Free hosts usually use your content to build link popularity or put some ugly banners on your site, which ruin the page flow and make it look exceptionally unprofessional. A commercially-oriented website needs to show significantly greater quality for me to want to link to it if it resides on a free host.

I have seen some blogs that were hosted at Blogspot (Blogger’s free host) do all right, but that exception is based on the fact that blogs are generally more personal in nature and not so commercially driven. Even those blogs would probably be better off if they used a more feature-rich blogging engine. Plus, if they ever want to move their site, it is hard to consolidate the link popularity they built up if all those links point at a Blogspot location.
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Less Common Hosting Problems

It is not common, but some hosts may be configured incorrectly with the wrong clock time or may be sending DNS errors that prevent your site from being indexed. You can use a server header checker to ensure that your clock time is not way off (like months or years), that your home page provides a 200 code, and that non-existent pages provide a 404 error code.

You also can use Web Bug or the Firefox Live HTTP Headers extension to check your HTTP headers. See the references section at the end of this chapter for a list of online tools.

Some hosts also improperly configure servers or place spammy subdomains on sites. Be careful if you use a host like iPowerWeb, as some of their clients noticed spammy subdomains that would appear out of nowhere. Search engines may penalize your site for this sort of activity. That is yet another reason to go with a reputable host.