Traveling the World with a Backpack – Minimalist Packing

My first big travel was last year with Contiki. I had one backpack and one luggage bag. It was for a 2-week trip to Western Europe. I brought clothes for only about a week hoping that I would be able to do laundry. Unfortunately, we were moving to different cities each day. It was near impossible to have laundry done. The only time we could do laundry was when we had a 2-day stopover in Rome. I hated bringing 2 bags all over and wished there was a way I could travel lighter. (more…)

Poster of TEDxBerlinSalon Democracy

Volunteering at TEDxBerlinSalon “Democracy” 2017

Trying out a new blog post format (inspired by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad) with numbered lists.


  1. I already bought the ticket 2 weeks before the event for EUR 41.30. After getting the tickets from Eventbrite, naturally, I followed their Twitter & Facebook Pages.
  2. A few days later I saw this post on Facebook where they were looking for more volunteers.
  3. On the application form, they asked “Why” and mentioned about I’ve always loved volunteering and since I’m traveling the world and happen to be in Berlin, I’d like to help out and meet with other volunteers and professionals. (more…)

Hacker Paradise Review – Lima 2017

When you decide to apply for Hacker Paradise 2018, I’d appreciate if you write “referred by Asad Zulfahri” in the “tell us about yourself” section of the application form. I’ll receive $200 of credit towards a future HP trip and in return, I’ll give you 3 hours worth of SEO consulting for your product/website. Win-Win 🙂

After I joined the remote workforce at Zapier, I now have the means necessary to travel the world. So I started looking for remote travel programs. I that would allow me to work and travel at the same time. Yes, I could’ve traveled on my own and it’ll be a heck of a lot cheaper. But I wanted someone else to take care of housing and co-working space. This way, I can focus on work and have fun traveling and be with a community of like-minded people.