Hacker Paradise Review – Lima 2017

When you decide to apply for Hacker Paradise 2018, I’d appreciate if you write “referred by Asad Zulfahri” in the “tell us about yourself” section of the application form. I’ll receive $200 of credit towards a future HP trip and in return, I’ll give you 3 hours worth of SEO consulting for your product/website. Win-Win 🙂

After I joined the remote workforce at Zapier, I now have the means necessary to travel the world. So I started looking for remote travel programs. I that would allow me to work and travel at the same time. Yes, I could’ve traveled on my own and it’ll be a heck of a lot cheaper. But I wanted someone else to take care of housing and co-working space. This way, I can focus on work and have fun traveling and be with a community of like-minded people.

A Brief Moment of Solitude at Restaurace Eska

June 10 – The Kutna Hora day trip really drained me. After a short nap, I was feeling hungry and headed to a nearby restaurant, Eska. It was a short 10 min walk from my place. Arrived there at ~9.45 pm, got a seat and ordered the 8-course tasting menu.

Then to my surprise, as I was enjoying my 3rd course, a big group of Roamers showed up. I’m glad I had my own separate table as with a big group, it’s very difficult to have individual orders. (more…)

Kutna Hora Excursion

June 10 – Today We-Roam had a Kutna Hora day trip planned and we were to meet at 10 am nearby Intercontinental Hotel. After the potluck dinner last night, stayed up late to finish up some work till maybe ~7 am. I went to bed without setting an alarm and thought that if I woke up, then I’ll go, if not then so be it. I woke up around ~8 am, packed my day pack, got ready and walked to the bus stop. A few roamers made just in time for the 9.31am bus. (more…)