How to Boost Your SERP Ranking

In Search Engine Optimization, an important way on how to boost your SERP (search engine results page) ranking would be to rely on meta-tag keywords. For the newbies in this field, keywords do not automatically exist in meta-tags. In fact, every word you find on your page would be referred to as the keyword. What you have to do is to make key phrases by stringing keywords together. In order to get more traffic from search engines, come up with key phrases that are closely related to your titles and content.
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Why is Blogging Such an Effective SEO Strategy?

Over time popular bloggers build up hundreds or thousands of subscribers. These subscribers are people interested in the field or topics that blogger writes about. Each time those bloggers write a new post those readers get notified of the new content in their RSS readers.

Imagine that”¦

  • everytime you had an idea to share, that 5,000 people who trust your opinions see it.
  • most of those 5,000 also write blogs in your field or related fields.
  • some of those bloggers frequently mention your site
  • some of those bloggers also have thousands of subscribers.

Blogs are all about spreading ideas (via in content links) and accumulating attention. Where people go search engines follow. If many people link to your blog posts that also boosts your search engine rankings for the other parts of your site.

If you write a frequently updated blog the media is more likely to believe you are a topical expert than if you are just a merchant selling goods in your industry.

Meta Description Strategies from Google

A recent post at the Google Webmaster Central Blog by Raj Krishnan is definitely getting a lot of webmasters attention.

Google are recommending sites to write a good Meta Description for a higher click-through-rate (CTR). Usually for sites that don’t have a meta description Google selects snippets by using a number of different strategies for the benefit of the webmasters.
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