Change Back to Original Posted Date (Old Post Promoter)

If you used the Old Post Promoter WordPress plugin, here are the SQL DB queries to revert/rollback the date changes:

UPDATE wp_posts, wp_postmeta
SET wp_posts.post_date_gmt = wp_postmeta.meta_value
WHERE wp_posts.ID = wp_postmeta.post_id and
wp_postmeta.meta_key = ‘bte_opp_original_pub_date’;

UPDATE wp_posts, wp_postmeta
SET wp_posts.post_date = wp_postmeta.meta_value
WHERE wp_posts.ID = wp_postmeta.post_id and
wp_postmeta.meta_key = ‘bte_opp_original_pub_date’;

You need to run both queries.

Tested on WP 4.6 and Old Post Promoter (by BTE) 1.9.3

Calculating Link Popularity

By the term link popularity it is denoted how many websites are linked with a particular website. Many of the prominent search engines provide a lot of importance to the link popularity of the websites. The link operator is represented like “link:” and this is added at the beginning of a particular URL to find the number of links associated with it. The tool will help you to know more about the link popularity of any site as they will consult the important search engines to get the most authentic results. The results will surely vary from one search engine to the other.

The “Spider Simulator” Tool

There are many websites which are designed with programs like Flash or Java. They might look attractive but often are not readable to the search engines. The reason is that the search engine spiders can only recognize the conventional HTML designs but the images and other formats. This is how the websites remain unnoticed by the search engines as the contents are not read by them. And when the spider is not able to see the content there is no way you can improve the rank of the site. But this tool will help the search engines to read the content in such a manner that they can understand easily and index the site in the result pages.

The Tool for Keyword Suggestions

This is very important to select the right keywords for a particular website so that it gets noticed by the search engines and this is the sole aim of SEO. This tool will help you to know more about the most relevant keywords which are directly related to the content featured in your website. You just need to enter a key term and it will consult with the other Google searchers so that you get to know the most popular terms that are often used by the visitors and also related to the content. Try this effective SEO tool to get better web traffic.

The “Page Size Look-up” Tool

This is a tool that aids in assessing the page size of a particular web page. Now generally this is defined by the number of elements as well as the sizes of the files which are placed on the web page. The HTML files are also included in calculating the size. The embedded objects like the image files which contain the images in formats like GIF or JPEG are included in this. The pages with smaller HTML size are easy to get away even when the size is substantially large. This tool is used to find out what is the exact page size with the HTML contents.

Calculate A Domain’s Age

There are various types of software and tools available on the web which claim to be absolutely unique and of great help. Have you ever heard of a tool that can calculate the age of a domain? Now there are many of you who feel that the age of the website does not really matter when it comes to search engine ranking. But this is a wrong idea. This is one of the most important facts that the search engines consider seriously. This tool will help you to calculate the age of the domain that you are planning to purchase or the one’s that is owned by any of your contenders.

The “Check Server Header Tool

This is a tool to help you check the headers of the servers and verifying the status codes of those. The makers of this tool have invested a lot of research work and time to calculate the most commonly found HTTP codes and they have indexed them keeping in mind the perspective of the rankings provided by the search engines. This is greatly helpful in knowing whether the URLs of your site are returning to the right Status code that is there in the Header of the Server. Many website owners have found this tool extremely helpful.

“Alexa Rank Comparison” Tool

The Alexa page ranking bar is used by many websites. This aids in calculating the web traffic that actually visits any particular site everyday. Alexa calculates the page rank of a page using the aggregated traffic results for three months. This not only depends on the number of the visitors but also considers the number of users. The current rank of the website is also compared with that of three months ago. This tool comes with a form which you need to sill up. Once this is done completely it will show the graph which depicts the ranking of your website.

The “Class C Checker” Tool

This is an exceptional tool that can prove to be of extreme help for those who are looking forward to optimizing the web pages correctly. This is a tool which lets you know whether few sites are being hosted in the similar type of IP range of Class C or not. This tool will come really handy if you own a number of sites which are cross linked. If this is the case then this is a great idea to host them on the IP range of Class C. Moreover if you are looking forward to adding some links on your site then this is good to know whether they are also using the same Class C IP and this can be known with the help of this tool.

Calculate Code And Text Ratio

This is a unique and useful tool. This allows you to calculate the ratio between actual text on the web pages and the codes. On a particular web page the text is displayed on various parts and with different formats. These are often used by the search engines and the spiders to evaluate the web page and its content. This helps them to understand the relevancy of the page with the requirement of the visitor. Now this is a proven fact that the higher the code text ratio, higher will be the page rank of that web page. This tool will extract the text form the HTML tags and other places to show up the exact ratio.