My AMA with Online Geniuses

The AMA was held by Online Geniuses on Dec 14th, 2016. This transcript has been edited for punctuation, grammar, etc.

Side Note: The AMA was arranged a few months before I left Monster on Nov 2nd, 2016. I joined Zapier on Nov 14th, 2016.
  1. What was the biggest challenge you overcame at such a big company (

    The biggest challenge is going through all the various levels of approvals to get things done, even simple things.

  2. What’s the biggest mistake you see people starting out making with the technical SEO efforts?

    Blindly implementing something without first thinking whether this actually applies to their use-case or why it’s actually needed.

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Stealing The MySpace Layouts

There are thousands of interesting MySpace layouts which might interest you and you can feel like getting it for yourself. This is not at all tough to steal the MySpace layout from others. One way to do this is to find a tool that facilitates stealing the MySpace layouts. The other way out is to find the MySpace ID of the actual owner of the layout from the URL and then put it in to get the profile’s editing option. Now you can easily steal the codes and use it to create the layout for yourself. But the tool is always a better and easier option to select.