Building a Targeted Link Network On a Budget

I’m sure many of you have spent time making dummy sites with the sole intention of having those sites link to your main site. For example, you may have a forum on Snowboarding, and in order to drive traffic to your main site, you create 60 sites about specific snowboarding niches, such “Colorado Snowboarding” or “Advanced Snowboarding Techniques” Each site links to 20 of the other sites, while the main navigation links on each site all point towards your main site. If the strategy is executed correctly, you now have 60 portals driving traffic to your site. If you’re main site already has PR, linking back to a handful of those sites is a good way to start passing the PR down the chain. (more…)

Getting Free PR Backlinks & .GOV + .EDU

This technique is not exactly new for link building, and many of you may already know it, however it is a technique that easily falls in to the grey hat area. Essentially this technique revolves around finding places to post your link that either has PageRank, is on an .EDU, or .GOV domain, or both.

Now there is some debate on whether or not EDU and/or GOV backlinks carry any additional weight over ordinary links, but the reality is that a backlink is a backlink. If there’s a chance that it may help your ratings, even in a 2nd tier search engine like MS Live, then why not try it? PageRank links on the other hand are unquestionably valuable, so let’s explore these methods.

The first criteria we are looking for is a site that will allow us to post a link. That narrows our search down to forums, guestbooks, comment fields, etc. Now, in my opinion if we were to simply spam our URL on these sites, it would be black hat. (more…)

Evaluating the Quality of a Link

Do They Have Quality Inbound Links?
You can tell a lot about a web site by the other sites that link to it. Typically, good sites are registered in some of the top directories like DMOZ or the Yahoo! Directory and have links from other good sites in their same industry.

You can do a ‘linkdomain:’ search on Yahoo! to view some of their best backlinks.

If they have been exchanging links with Viagra, casino, or other high-margin, off topic, cheesy web sites, then they are probably not a legitimate resource and are not a link source worth pursuing.

Does Their Site Offer Quality Content?
If search engines did not exist (more…)