My AMA with Online Geniuses

The AMA was held by Online Geniuses on Dec 14th, 2016. This transcript has been edited for punctuation, grammar, etc.

Side Note: The AMA was arranged a few months before I left Monster on Nov 2nd, 2016. I joined Zapier on Nov 14th, 2016.
  1. What was the biggest challenge you overcame at such a big company (

    The biggest challenge is going through all the various levels of approvals to get things done, even simple things.

  2. What’s the biggest mistake you see people starting out making with the technical SEO efforts?

    Blindly implementing something without first thinking whether this actually applies to their use-case or why it’s actually needed.

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Convince The Webmasters With High Page Rank

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The “Spider Simulator” Tool

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Organic Traffic Through Google Suggest

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How Google Suggest Influences The Traffic You Get From Google

Google Suggest is one of the most helpful tools from Google. The main advantage of Google Suggest is that when a search is performed it helps the visitors with the most relevant keywords. In fact there are quite a number of people who are often not sure about what keyword will get them most related results according to their requirements. This is quite helpful for the users as well as for the website owners who often expect target audience for their sites who will get converted into potential customers easily.