Search Engine Optimization

Understanding the Variables that Impact Your SEO Strategy

There are six categories of variables in SEO that you should be paying attention to, whether you’re creating a new SEO strategy or analyzing an existing one. When you have a deep understanding of the variables that impact SEO, you can tweak and manipulate all these factors to meet business goals.

When CRO and SEO Collide – What do you do?

Is your site optimized for search, or for conversion? Is it possible to do both? I believe that yes, you can create a marketing strategy that leverages the short-term gains of CRO and the long-term benefits of SEO. This post covers the value of balancing both strategies.

Common Myths About SEO

SEO is not fast, it’s not cheap, and yes, you should really hire an expert to give your online busines for the best chance of success. In this post, I take a close look at six common myths about SEO, and separate fact from fiction to help companies invest in a good search strategy.

The 6 Steps to Hiring a Badass SEO

There are a lot of bad SEOs out there! So how do you sort through all the options to find an agency or consultant that can boost your company’s SEO strategy? This guide includes six steps to help you find, vet and hire a badass SEO consultant.

Understanding The Three Pillars of SEO

When building a website, it’s good to know the three pillars of SEO: infrastructure, content and partnerships/link acquisition. This article will help you understand how you can set up a site for success, and how these concepts work together to support your business goals.