MySpace sues Scott Richter

Spamming used to be one of the most delicate problems with MySpace few days back because the security system was not really full proof which they claim to have repaired by now. But there was a time when the spammers like Scott Richter used to send more than 100 millions of spam messages to the MySpace users everyday. After the users started complaining against this MySpace sued this person in the year of 2007. Now he has to pay about 4.9 millions for the damages and another 1.2 millions for the legal expenses. This is surely a lesson for the others who are into spamming business.

Know The Past of MySpace

MySpace is one of the most renowned social networking sites which gets sign ups from around 180000 people every year because of the huge networking opportunity it offers to the users. You can make friends with people from all over the world through MySpace and in order to get free account with all the interesting features you do not need to pay a single buck. Continue reading “Know The Past of MySpace”