Remote Work

Remote Work Tips Part I: Essential Apps

After more than two years working remotely, I’ve come up with a list of apps that can really improve your efficiency as a remote worker. Tools like Slack, Trello and RescueTime have been game changers for the remote workforce, and I dive a little deeper into my favorite features of each.

Predicting the Future of Remote Work

As the global economy grows and changes, I predict we will see more companies hiring a remote work force. What will that look like specifically? Here I’ve outlined my predictions for the expansion of remote work, and how hiring remote workers can be a serious benefit to companies.

Benefits of Joining a Remote Work Program

Yes, traveling alone is much cheaper. But there are some real benefits to traveling with a group, and I think every digital nomad should travel with a group at least once. Someone else does the hard work of planning, and you also get to connect to a community of remote workers and entrepreneurs.

The 6 Steps to Hiring a Badass SEO

There are a lot of bad SEOs out there! So how do you sort through all the options to find an agency or consultant that can boost your company’s SEO strategy? This guide includes six steps to help you find, vet and hire a badass SEO consultant.