Beach Volleyball

Beach VolleyballThis outdoor sport can be played in any sandy area with people from different age groups taking active participation. All that is needed is a net and a ball. This sport is a very easy one where even strangers join in for a bit of fun and it makes a lovely game for the family during weekends. However, this sport when played in competitions and tournaments can be quite a strenuous one.

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SoccerThis is one outdoor sport which you take to quite naturally with its beginnings in your early childhood. Soccer is a game of control and maneuvering the ball to score over the opponent. This is also a game of strategy where each team makes a plan to attack the rival team and defend their own for a common purpose.

In soccer the word that is used for tackling the ball is

River Rafting

River Rafting If you are one who is tired of the usual sports and want more excitement and thrill then you should try river rafting. This summer you can choose from the different river rafting packages that are available and some are even safe for children. The river rafting packages are designed to give you the thrill while riding the rapids with all the safety measures in place.
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Archery Archery is one of the desirable sports that most are fervently taking to. Archery requires good co-ordination between the hand and the eye and requires a lot of practice to master this skill. This outdoor sport has been included in the Olympics where the best from different corners of the globe assemble to display their skills. The most important equipments in archery are the bow and arrows.
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