MySpace sues Scott Richter

Spamming used to be one of the most delicate problems with MySpace few days back because the security system was not really full proof which they claim to have repaired by now. But there was a time when the spammers like Scott Richter used to send more than 100 millions of spam messages to the MySpace users everyday. After the users started complaining against this MySpace sued this person in the year of 2007. Now he has to pay about 4.9 millions for the damages and another 1.2 millions for the legal expenses. This is surely a lesson for the others who are into spamming business.

MySpace With Google Gears

MySpace is always in the process of updating themselves with unique features so that they can stay far ahead than their strongest contenders like Facebook. Apart from the general benefits like social networking, meeting friends, connecting MySpace to mobiles and business promotions now you can also avail the Google gears at MySpace. This special facility will allow the users to access their profiles even when they are not online. Though this service is still not available for a couple of months but the idea seems to be very bright and convenient from the perspective of all the users of MySpace.

MySpace Goes Mobile

The strongest contender of MySpace is Facebook and in order to outperform their growing popularity MySpace has come up with a new facility for their users. They have launched a special facility of accessing the site on the mobiles. In UK they have worked out the deal with Vodafone. Now you are free to use the mobile to stay connected with your MySpace friends through the mobile phone, write blogs and also check their status and updates. As the number of mobile subscribers is increasing rapidly in all parts of the world, this strategy seems to work wonders on the popularity of MySpace.

MySpace Launching Contest On “High School Musical”

MySpace will be launching a great contest for the users related to the recent Walt Disney production “High School Musical 3”. This is going to be a great way to promote the film because the number of users on MySpace is near about 76 millions which include about 40% women and mothers from United States itself. Hence this is going to give the makers of this movie a huge platform to promote their film. This is also a great venture for MySpace as one of the best companies is looking for their assistance in order to get close to their worldwide audience.

Know The Past of MySpace

MySpace is one of the most renowned social networking sites which gets sign ups from around 180000 people every year because of the huge networking opportunity it offers to the users. You can make friends with people from all over the world through MySpace and in order to get free account with all the interesting features you do not need to pay a single buck. Continue reading Know The Past of MySpace

MySpace China CEO Resigns

According to the recent reports, the CEO of the Chinese arms of MySpace, Mr. Luo Chuan has walked out from the company because of some differences with the management regarding some of their strategies. He had joined the company in the year of 2006 before their launch in China. MySpace has not yet given any comment on this matter officially. This is assumed and to some extent confirmed that the reason of resentments were about the independent direction policy of MySpace. In fact a social networking portal like MySpace has always faced some problem in the Asian countries when compared to the local ones.