Stealing The MySpace Layouts

There are thousands of interesting MySpace layouts which might interest you and you can feel like getting it for yourself. This is not at all tough to steal the MySpace layout from others. One way to do this is to find a tool that facilitates stealing the MySpace layouts. The other way out is to find the MySpace ID of the actual owner of the layout from the URL and then put it in to get the profile’s editing option. Now you can easily steal the codes and use it to create the layout for yourself. But the tool is always a better and easier option to select.

How To Get a MySpace Layout

MySpace is an online social networking system which has thousands of visitors and these visitors choose you on the basis of your Layout. This implies that the Layout in MySpace is the ultimate factor which will decide your popularity. The Layout should reflect the attitude or mood that you want to show the viewers. You don’t have to strive very hard to prepare the Layout according to your imagination and liking.
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Step by Step Guide: MySpace Editors

If your eyes are beginning to glaze over at the very mention of HTML, another option is to use the MySpace Editor.

If you point your browser to and type the words “myspace editor” you’ll find countless MySpace editor web sites.These editors allow you to customize certain elements of your profile, simply by filling in certain fields on a web page.The web page then generates code that you place into your profile (as shown previously). Here is a MySpace Editor site that I highly recommend for new myspace users –
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You Can Now ‘Post To MySpace’!

Just recently, MySpace made an announcement that the ‘Post To MySpace’ feature that web publishers and myspace geeks alike have been waiting for are finally available 🙂 The function is pretty straight-forward and it’s really similar like bookmarking your favourite URL.

There is no doubt that the most effective and popular viral marketing technique is via MySpace and now with the ‘Post To MySpace’ feature, web publishers can now virally spread their content to the most popular social networking site, MySpace!

If you would like to implement the ‘Post To MySpace’ code to your blog/site please head over to THIS POST at Mashable for further instructions 😉

Valentine Layouts for Myspace

Happy Valentines Day everyone! So, have you changed your MySpace layout to a valentine theme? Well, if you haven’t and are looking for Valentines Day MySpace Profile Layouts / Graphics, take a look at the following sites…they have some good myspace valentines layouts that you can use 🙂

Here are some of the popular myspace valentines layout on

  • Cupid Valentine Layout
  • Rose Valentine Layout
  • Kiss Valentine Layout

Also, don’t forget to give a ‘Happy Valentines Day’ comment to your loved one…which also includes all your friends 😉

Cute MySpace New Years Comment Picture

For the past week, I’ve seen a lot of cute “Happy New Years” comment being created and used widely by MySpace users. I’ve taken a look at some comment pics and I have found (in my opinion) the cutest MySpace New Years comment picture 🙂

Here it is:
cute myspace comment picture

Cute eh? I hope you’ll like it and use it to comment on your friends MySpace profile 🙂

If you want to use the pic for myspace comments, use the following code:
<img src="" />


Free MySpace DIV Layouts

Free MySpace div layoutsThe group Free Divs has now launched a website.

Made and constantly updated by the founder (Nick) it is a great place to go if you are looking for a free MySpace div layout.

Free divs was started in 2005 by Nick who was just a bit bored and thought he would put his skills to some good use and make layouts for people.

After a while the group became too big to control on his own and so he requested help from some active members. In 2006 it peaked at over 10,000 members, but the moderation account was hacked, and the group deleted.

This could have been the end of the story. However, Nick relaunched the group, and is still trying hard to get his members back. This is when he launched the new Myspace Div Layouts website.

The website keeps all the group’s div layouts in one place, which makes it even easier to get the codes and see the previews. Nick has also created a tutorial section which is growing steadily.

There should soon be a new layout for the website, which will be easier on the eyes and make it much easier to navigate.

Another Interesting MySpace Resource / Layouts Site

A few days ago, I posted about a MySpace Resource site that has a wonderful collection of layouts for MySpace.

Well today, I’ve found another site that offers tons of layouts! It’s not like any other myspace resource site that uses the same old script and has all the same old collection. This particular myspace site is a BLOG and it is Powered by WordPress!

Let me introduce to you, 😀 has been recently sold to another owner so the site may sometimes be down. However, you can still have a peek thanks to the wonders of Google Cache 😉

It’s not everyday you come across a MySpace Resource site that is totally different and more unique than others.