Microsoft Is Acquiring The Shopping Site

The big Microsoft giant has reached a settlement with Greenfield online which is the owner of the popular shopping site In fact they will make a transaction worth 486 million dollars for this. Now Ciao has always been a brilliant site that offers shopping, reviews of products and surveys. They also feature the price tags for all important products and they have about 26.5 million regular visitors and a shopping community. In fact this big acquisition is going to help Microsoft to reach a great position in the European market as well.

Comparing Search Results

Since different search engines weigh different parts of their algorithms differently, they can all have similar relevancy while having significantly different search results.

Some people are quick to ask how their sites are being penalized in one search engine because they rank well in others. While many sites do get penalized for aggressive spamming techniques, most sites that do not rank well usually just fail to satisfy the specific ranking algorithm for that specific engine in question.
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