Convince The Webmasters With High Page Rank

Though this is a tough job to make the webmasters agree with the proposal of linking to your site but if the web page has high page rank then this becomes easy. The page rank provided by the search engines ensure that the particular web page has a lot of web traffic regularly and they are considered as good resources buy the visitors as well as the spiders. In the other sites get linked to the site then the chances are high that they will get a share of the huge traffic; hence many webmasters will like to link to your site

Linking Through Blogging

When you approach any blogger for links make sure you write a short email which is easy to understand and be direct about what you want. Approach bloggers only if you feel your content is unusual and worthy of attention. Do not get into the hassle of trading links. Do not harass them with continuous emails requesting for the links. Pestering them will spoil your chances of getting links from them.
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Convert Your Website To Be Linked

You need to create a compelling headline. The normal blog posts contain two hundred to five hundred words but make yours a little lengthy. You can prefer using lesser words if you have apt videos and pictures to supplement. If you want you can make a good impression by creating a list of things. Because of the lengthy content it makes your content look different from the usual blogs.
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