[WP Plugin] Nofollow Links in Posts

First of all you need to what exactly is a Nofollow link. This is particular HTML Value that is often used to give some information to the search engines. They are meant to tell the search engine if they should follow the link or not. This is a good way to control the web traffic according to your wish.

The Nofollow links are great options to stop spam and prevent the false indexing of a web page in the search engine results. There are many Nofollow links that are being used in the posts now-a-days. This is done when it is known that the content of that particular post is threatening for the entire site.

Where to use the Nofollow links?

There are certain cases wherein you are allowed to or you should use the Nofollow links. Whenever you feel that the number of outgoing links has become bigger than it is required you can attach a Nofollow link to the posts.
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How to Succeed in Google

Google is harder to manipulate than the other search engines, and Google tends to trust new sites much less than their competitors do. If you run a new website, do not expect to rank well in Google for competitive queries until AFTER you rank well in Yahoo! and MSN.

If you have an old, well-trusted domain but have not focused on SEO yet, then doing simple things like fixing up your page titles and gaining a few authoritative or descriptive inbound links might be all you need to do.
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The Pros and Cons of Article Rewriting

Rewriting an article is an ability that many writers think they have, but very few in reality, do. The need for rewriting an article could encompass many reasons, and the methodology used to attack the task will in the main depend on the motives and the requisite outcome, but each will have their very own pros and cons, so let’s have a look.

The first reason we will look at is the case of article directory submissions. The preparation of a rewritten adaptation of a previously commissioned article in order to obtain two articles instead of one, allows for one version to be placed on a website, for example, and the rewritten one could be submitted to the various article directories. The reasons for doing this are to offshoot the disadvantages of competing with other people utilising the exact same content. On article directories, although gaining valuable backlinks through the resource box, one is actually challenging for keywords against all the other websites that are using the very same article. One could then be faced with the problem of duplicate content and all that particular scenario entails.

The same approach is similar for the second reason, except this time one may want to use the same article for utilising a particular keyword on many web sites, in effect, competing against themselves.

Another quite common reason, and the third one we will look at, is that a person may require an article to be rewritten so that the same article can be used for an assortment of keywords. Obviously this method necessitates a slightly different rewriting style as two keywords very rarely have the same connotation.

A fourth, more contentious reason is the total rewrite of a particular article so that the end result is entirely different to the original. A person may decide that a specific article could do a great job for them, either on a website or on a directory, etc, but may decide it needs to be rewritten in such a manner that it’s distinguishable from the original article.

Obviously, this type of process would generally indicate that a specific article has been pulled from the internet, while removing all traces of the author’s resource box. Basically a person requires an article to be rewritten using their own name in place of the authors, and presented in such a way that the genuine author will not be able to identify it. This procedure though is very much pushing the margins of plagiarism and should definitely be considered as one of the downsides of article rewriting.

People should bear in mind that if they require an article to be rewritten, they should establish what their intentions really are. If they are not careful, a rewrite could potentially damage their site listings as opposed to improving them. For those requiring the actual gist of the article is to remain exactly the same, they should realise that article rewriting itself is not as easy as most people believe are led to believe.