What Should You Look For In An SEO Firm?

Search engine optimization is one the most important part of promoting a website. There are quite a number of individuals and companies who offer search engine optimization services at a reasonable rate. But not all of them are that skilled as they claim to be.
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Google Vulnerability Trouble for Gmail Users

A vulnerability within are being used by hackers to steal contacts and incoming emails from Gmail Accounts – according to ZDNet

According to a security analyzer, Chris Gatford:

Attackers could compromise a Gmail account–using a cross-site scripting vulnerability–if the victim is logged in and clicks on a malicious link. From that moment, the attacker can take over the session cookies for Gmail and subsequently forward all the account’s messages to a POP account.

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Fighting Phire with Phire – Online Phising Scams

Researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University suggests that those who were tricked by a spoor email are the ones who are onestly ready to learn their lesson about “Phishing” scams.

Online Phishing scams are becoming more common by the minute because of it’s potential of gaining a lot of money if a wealthy target is suckered in. According to Lorrie Cranor (associate research professor of computer science) most phishing attacks are successful because of the fact that many people ignore educational materials that may help them to detect and deter such online scams.

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Yahoo Tackles eBay-PayPal Phising Scams

Recently, Yahoo! announced that they will start tackling fraudsters that sends phishing or fake emails to unsuspecting eBay or PayPal users that tricks them to reveal their personal details and account details.

According to Yahoo!, eBay (which owns PayPal) are collaborating with them to come up with a way to block fake messages from the email accounts.
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Fake Pagerank Scams

Fake PageRank scams have been around for a whole and are becoming more common each day. Out of 10 person, maybe only 1 person who knows how to identify a site with a fake pagerank and the others might not even know the fake from the real thing. Luckily there is a PageRank Fraud detection tool that helps people to know if the pagerank of a certain site is valid.

Fake Pagerank fraud are now becoming very common to the world wide web. Scammers usually lurk around forums looking for inexperienced webmasters to prey on. Most of the times, they will act like they are a newbie and they ask for advice about what should they do with their newly acquired high pagerank domain. Another popular place where these scammers sell their fake pagerank domains is eBay.
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