MargaritaMargarita is another favorite drink and no one has the perfect answer as to how it was discovered. There are several stories about its origin but the most common one is that this was a modification of the tequila. Tequila was the common drink among the men but it did not go down well with their girlfriends and wives.

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WineThe mention of wine is such an intoxicating feeling. Wine is an alcoholic drink made from grapes. Wine making is as old as 7000 years. The grapes for making wine ripen around the latter half of August or in September. The winemaker tastes the grapes to check the amount of sugar so as to help him determine the harvesting time.

The workers have to harvest the grapes immediately and these grapes are collected and transported to the wineries for the crushing process. During the crushing process the skin and the seeds are retained for the red wine whereas for the white wine they are removed. Continue reading Wine


Vodka Vodka got its name from the Russian word ‘voda’ or the Polish ‘woda’ which means water and it originated in East Europe. Vodka was first produced in Russia at the end of the ninth century with the first distillery emerging almost 200 years later.
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BeerThis is one drink that is loved universally and has been in existence since centuries. Beer making is quite an easy task which does not require too many ingredients. Basically only 4 things are required

Soft Drinks

Soft DrinksSoft drinks are those drinks that are carbonated and sweetened and are also known as soda. The reason why these soft drinks became so popular was because the bubbling water was considered to be good for health since the benefits of mineral baths were known from the Roman times.
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Chinese Dumplings

Chinese DumplingsThe Chinese dumpling is a traditional food of China and is fast becoming the one of the most sensational foods of the world. This food is most important during the Chinese New Year. These Chinese dumplings represent wealth and are shaped like the Chinese gods and silver ingots. Sometimes a coin is also hidden in the dumplings.
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PastaPasta is a favorite Italian cuisine that quickly gained recognition when Italians immigrated to different parts of the world. The roots of pasta are still a debatable topic. It is believed that the ancient Greeks and Romans had found dough that was sort of flattened. This was not boiled but roasted on hot stones similar to the pizzas.
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Tortilla The tortilla is the main diet of the Mexicans and is made from corn. Here the kernels are cooked for removing the husk and then grounded on a stone slab with a grinding stone. The dough is divided into small round balls and patted with the hand into thin cakes or wrapped in the husk of the corn to be filled and eaten.
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