MargaritaMargarita is another favorite drink and no one has the perfect answer as to how it was discovered. There are several stories about its origin but the most common one is that this was a modification of the tequila. Tequila was the common drink among the men but it did not go down well with their girlfriends and wives.

So two geniuses mixed up all the ingredients of tequila and added some sweetness in it. Continue reading “Margarita”


WineThe mention of wine is such an intoxicating feeling. Wine is an alcoholic drink made from grapes. Wine making is as old as 7000 years. The grapes for making wine ripen around the latter half of August or in September. The winemaker tastes the grapes to check the amount of sugar so as to help him determine the harvesting time.

The workers have to harvest the grapes immediately and these grapes are collected and transported to the wineries for the crushing process. During the crushing process the skin and the seeds are retained for the red wine whereas for the white wine they are removed. Continue reading “Wine”


Vodka Vodka got its name from the Russian word ‘voda’ or the Polish ‘woda’ which means water and it originated in East Europe. Vodka was first produced in Russia at the end of the ninth century with the first distillery emerging almost 200 years later.
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