Free Reciprocal Link Exchange Verifier Software

Getting other websites to link to you is one of the best search engine optimization method to help your site rank higher in search engines. Your site will be more popular in the eyes of search engines such as Google if more websites link to you. This in turn, will result your site to be ranked higher in search engines and this also means that you will have a higher relevancy rank than any other website that has less incoming links that you do.

If you are a webmaster who frequently make reciprocal link exchanges with many websites, you will definitely want to consider on having a software that will verify whether your link exchange partner maintains your sites link.There are many high-end softwares that has this feature but unfortunately, they are all either a commercial software or an outdated software that may contain malicious code.
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A Shortcut to a High Converting Website

Now, imagine that you are spending $1000 each month on pay-per-click ads. And you are selling a $50 ebook. Let say that you normally make 40 sales each month.

Costs: $1000
Revenue: $50 x 40 sales = $2000
Profit: $2000 – $1000 = $1000

How can you make more sales?

Answer – get more traffic. Which requires a lot of time or more investment.

[2] Supercharge with converting graphics. Adding a few web graphics here and there costs almost nothing. And it does not require a lot of time to do. Not a designer? No problem — there graphic packages that you can use. But if those simple changes can add 20 more sales, that is pure profit — remember, you are not spending any extra in traffic.

Costs: $1000
Revenue: $50 x 60 sales = $3000
Profit: $3000 – $1000 = $2000

Time spent? Maybe 20 minutes.

Money spent? Almost none!

Sales increased? 50%.

Profits increased? Doubled!

I would like to point out that optimizing your website for more sales is crucial. With the right kind of graphics, you can focus your readers to important parts of your copy.

I would like you to check out this great web graphic package designed to enhance your sales copy. With this, you can spice up your website instantly.

Your investment – almost nothing… OK, it’s $7.

[+] Super Duper Marketing Graphic Package – $7
– contains e-covers creation scripts for Photoshop (do you know that other costs $97 or more for this)
– 175 sales page graphics
– mini site templates, squeeze pages, and more …

Do check it out …

All the best….

Pay Per Click Explanation

You know what is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising?

It’s usually done with the following standard procedures:

1. Setting up an account and/or deposit funds.

2. Creating a keyword list.

3. Choosing (and setting up) an account with a PPC search engine.

4. Bidding on the ad placement, including the search result words or phrases.

5. Writing out an ad copy.

6. Setting up the ‘landing pages’ for your ads.

7. Placing the advertisement in the search engine.

Instead of me trying to explain how it works to you, I’ll just provide an eReport that explains this– for free. However, it’s written by other author but it’s a good guide to get started.

Download it at:
Link 1
Link 2

Graphical Optin Template Pack

Who hasn’t heard the term… “The money’s in the list?” I think we all have… right?

But I never realized how PROFITABLE these 5 little words were until I started building my own lists and sending promotional emails on a regular basis.

Now… My number one focus – whenever I setup any type of website – is providing a captivating, irresistible offer that gets folks to optin to one of my lists. It’s that simple!

Ya see… once I realized just how much money I could make through email marketing… I became obsessed with building my lists as fast as humanly possible….

I finally realized – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that the more folks who optin into my lists, the more money I’d be putting into my bank account each and every day – and that was a great feeling!

So I quickly began trying everything imaginable to build my optin lists as fast as humanly possible…

* I tested and tweaked everything regularly…
* I redesigned my sales pages and squeeze pages almost daily…
* I wrote (and re-wrote) new headlines constantly
* I tested new sales copy (even hired a few pros)…
* I changed my FREE offers regularly…
* I changed the e-cover graphics I used for my reports and ebooks…
* I used various scripts to create urgency in my offers…
* the list goes on and on…

And then one day I tried something I’d never tried before and SHAZAM!… I quickly realized I stumbled upon a GOLDMINE!

Google AdSense BlackHat Edition

I am sure most of you wanted to covertly or secretly wanted to break/bend the rules a bit here and there to make a lot of money. I am also very sure that most of you wanted to hop on the other side of the fence knowing that it might be wrong to do, just to see how much real money can be made. Well, lucky for you (and me :)) I’ve found the prefect solution to making Money from Google AdSense.
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Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing Success

I just bought this book which is about 180 pages and the title is “Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing Success”.

I am going to give it to you for zero cost as a gift. You are under no obligation to subscribe or buy anything at all if any were mention in the book.

The reason why I am giving you this book is because I think it did a pretty good job in covering a lot of stuff related to making money online. This is what I am trying to deliver to everyone one this year, which is creating multiple profit funnel. I am in the middle of working on making it easier for everyone to achieve that. But in the mean time I hope you will appreciate this little gift.
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