How To Write An Article Quickly

For anyone who’s struggled to write an article, it can come as a shock to hear that you can do it in 30 minutes – or less.

You just need a little organization to start whipping out articles like crazy.

Start by giving yourself a strict time limit to choose your subject. Don’t agonize over it for hours; just give yourself 1 minute to make a choice.

No a minute is not long compared to the exhaustive research normally done, but we’re trying to get you moving here so write down any words you can think of about a subject you know about. Keep writing for a full minute.

A good place to start is with any ideas that you think can solve somebody’s problem. Because, let’s be honest, that’s what sells. People are looking for information to solve problems all day long and when they find it, well, let’s just say they’re usually in a more receptive state to buy. That’s even more true if you offer quality content, which is why for this exercise I suggest you brainstorm something you know about.
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