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9 BS Facts About SEO Everyone Thinks Are True in 2018


With over two decades of Search Engine Optimization existence, we should have figured out what is the truth and which is not. However, there’s still a lot of back and forth on what is indeed the facts about SEO. Being an evolving industry, nothing is ever constant in terms of information. Just consider the old information you have inaccurate, this is generating loads of misconception about the facts. Interestingly, anyone can just wake up and tag themselves as SEO experts on their blog. That’s why there are many lies that have been turned into fact flying all over the internet. Let’s dig deeper into these bullshit facts and pull them apart;

Meta Tags Don’t Work

This one is even hilarious when this is echoed by the so-called experts. Let’s call the bullshits on this one. Many experts often assert that meta tags have gone into extinction like a dinosaur with the Hummingbird update.  It is true that keywords might not be relevant in page rankings anymore, but still remains essential for Google and your readers to place what you are talking about in a context.

Don’t ever be convinced by anyone that you shouldn’t fill in your meta titles and descriptions. Your page will not appear anywhere if you decide not to technically utilize your meta tags.

There’s an Algorithm and It can be Understood

There are hundreds of factors that determine the ranking of pages but no one outside of Google can authoritatively point them out. Google is always updating and adjusting these algorithms and there’s no way to know them all. We just rubbish this fact and partial truth, you just have to do your own observation and see what affects the ranking of your pages.

Googles algorithm is all based on educated guesses and assumptions. All those SEO experts are just using instinct coupled with trial and error to arrive at whatever they tell you.

Links are Never Too Much

Till today, some SEO gurus still preach acquiring many links for the benefits of their website. In the early days, Google looked away and allowed it. Luckily, use of spammy links paid off to those who utilized it. At that point, inbound links were the reigning thing marketed by SEO gurus. Right now, it has become irrelevant and much of bullshit.

Those days are now over and Google won’t look away. If anyone tells you something different, it’s all lie. The use of inbound links is still useful, Google has moved up and now place more emphasis on quality.

First Page is Guaranteed With Our Techniques

If anyone is guaranteeing you first page, you had better run as no reputable search engine marketing company will make such promises. Let’s just say you should look out for a disclaimer, it’s just an effort that has to be made and hard work to get you on the first page. Everyone wants to be on the first page, all you’ll believe everything hook, line and sinker to get there.

The truth is that; don’t be fooled by anyone claim to get you on the first page. You are not the only one trying to rank for that keyword, millions are there. It’s not easy to displace whoever it there on the first page already.

The more Content, The Better

No one is saying you should not have a good number of content on your page, but that doesn’t translate to results. You will definitely get results out of quality content, but it’s not an exclusive way of ranking. If you are reading about SEO, you must know Brian Dean. Take a quick trip to his website, he has just a handful, around 40 posts.

Writing too much content that doesn’t help anyone for the sake of SEO is just a time-wasting exercise. Just write to help people, and see how it will rank your page.

No Need to Focus on Social Media

Seriously? And you believe this lie? The fact is that the role of social signals on SEO is in dispute but that doesn’t make it irrelevant. Either way, you look at this fact, you should win with the right effort. You should invest your time and energy in social signals as much as you do on your SEO. By sharing your links, likes, followership and other social signals, you will get to where you want to.

Your social influence has a direct influence on your SEO rankings. The number of people that get helped by your contents and share such will have a positive impact on your pages.

You Can’t-Do It Yourself

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not something you can handle. Listen carefully to whoever calls themselves SEO consultants and experts. Ask them if you can do it yourself, if they tell you to outsource to them as you can’t-do it, please take a walk.

Yes, it will take you longer time and effort to achieve the results but that doesn’t mean you can’t attempt it. It’s the frigging internet! Do your homework and get the results, it will give you a good feeling.

Be Wary and Concerned About Google Updates

There are changes to Google algorithm every now and then. This changes to the algorithm may be small and irrelevant that we don’t hear about them, yet they still have an effect on rankings.

Google updates should never be the main concern of your SEO efforts. You should only be concerned if you know you are involved in actions that can get you penalized.

 Too Complicated to Understand

SEO is hard but not as difficult as many often paint it. Just that it needs loads of hard work to make a headway. We are still saying the same thing; anyone can understand and maneuver SEO.

You may end up wasting your time and effort if you don’t know when and where to channel your effort. SEO is not easy neither is it complicated.