About Me

I live in a multicultural environment which gives me a unique perspective on how to do things by first looking into a subject matter from various angles. I was raised with the concept of “Master English, Master the World” which has allowed me to collaborate and work with one universal language across the globe.

I ventured into web development during the final years of Microsoft FrontPage and got hooked with website development and monetizing web properties. I’ve been a Webmaster since 2007 and still administer and maintain a few web properties that are still generating passive income. I started learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) after Aaron Wall kindly gave me a free copy of his SEO Book in 2007 and since then I’ve been blogging and copywriting for various ‘sponsored posts’ agencies and their advertisers.

I’m a quick learner and a highly independent self-learner. I’ve experienced working with a diverse range of business partners while adapting to their equally diverse time-zones. I always appreciate working with a team that values self-improvement and always work to achieve higher efficiencies.